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  1. The problem with standard fuel filters is they work 10 micron beta 2 at best. Guglatech is 12 microns beta 75. Basically anything at 12 microns or above will be stopped at a 97% percent success rate. While 10 microns at beta 2 means half the particles will pass. Guglatech is 100% water resistant too. Some say they've never had a problem with fuel. It's like saying you don't need crash protection on your bike. 20% of fuel in the EU and US is contaminated with rust, sediment, silicone and water. I used them.
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    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    My views of the Continental TKC80 on and off road. Some fast dirt section and control slow. Second post but I do follow on FB incidentally.
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    wrong post, sorry.