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  1. David

    Pan-American Hwy 2020-2021

    If successful, I'd love to hear how you accomplished that. Last I saw their routes were only to western Europe.
  2. David

    Pan-American Hwy 2020-2021

    Renting bikes in each country?
  3. David

    Hello from BC

    Appreciate it. I love the riding from southern OR to San Fran. Should be in the area around late August.
  4. I plan to ride the Pan-American Trail in 2020/2021. A ways off but might as well throw some feelers out now. Cheers.
  5. David

    Hello from BC

    Hello all, I've not been riding long but have gone on some long rides. Last one was to Deadhorse, AK (~10,000km round trip). I'll be heading out to Utah next week. I've been through most states but this will be my first time in Utah. I'll be touring the Canadian and American east coast after that, then heading south and zig zagging my way back to the west coast. This trip should be somewhere between 25,000-30,000km by the time I get home. Next year I plan on flying my bike to the UK and riding around western Europe. (I've accumulated a lot of airline/flying points and this seems the best way to spend them). Something similar to what Tim Burke did. And then hopefully in 2020, I will attempt the Pan-American Highway from Deadhorse to Ushuaia. I have a BMW S1000R as a daily rider (although I will do some touring on it if the trip is 3,000km or less) and a R1200GSA for longer trips, camping, etc. Good to be here. Summit of Rogers Pass, British Columbia featuring the artillery used to clear the pass during the winter. North side of Atigun Pass, AK.