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  1. The windshield is now sold. Thanks, Vlad
  2. Here are the corrected pictures. Thanks, Vlad
  3. I apologize for the sideways pictures. They were all upright on my computer. I will try to fix them in the posting.
  4. The windshield is in great shape, no scratches at all. I want $370 for it and I will ship it to you for free. New is $550. http://www.wunderlichamerica.com/motorcycle/25370200.html Thanks, Vlad
  5. Vlad

    XLADV Mojave National Preserve 2018

    I am happy to update everyone, that we (the Bulgarians ) are both in perfect shape. I managed to hit the deepest pothole on the trail pretty hard and cut through a bush when I flew out of it, but besides my pride I sustained no injuries . Thank you for organizing such a great event Eric, everything was excellent! We are definitely coming to the next one! Vlad