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  1. Stan Iordanov

    Mojave 2019

    hmm, not sure actually , we kinda got lost many times , but kept going and stumbled upon a bunch of caves by accident :-) . "now , this is more like an adventure" as Radu said :-)
  2. Stan Iordanov

    Mojave 2019

    That was a lot of fun , again :-) . Here are some of my pictures . Enjoy :-)
  3. Stan Iordanov

    XLADV Mojave National Preserve 2018

    yeah , this sucks! My helmet gopro has decided to shoot pictures instead of video most of the time. I was kinda hoping for a lot of footage. I will see what I can do with what I have ..
  4. Stan Iordanov

    XLADV Mojave National Preserve 2018

    What an amazing even, I had such a great time !! Thanks Eric for organizing it ! I got to meet a ton of great people Stephen Gregory .. these pictures are just awesome ! I have a few pictures as well, but after this I am not even sure I should post them haha . I will anyway ;-)