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  1. Anyone do there own wiring on aftermarket lights? I recently purchased a highly rated $25 set and wired them directly to my battery which I know was probably a bad idea as I could leave them on accidentally and drain the battery. It wasn’t 24 hrs later and I had done just that. I told a buddy of mine and he said he had done the same exact thing so brought his to the local mechanic to have installed. I’d prefer to save the $ and like tinkering on things like this. (Know how is king). So, anyone with a BMW R1200Gs circa 2006 model have a good “lead” on a hot wire that is easily accessible? I’m thinking the headlamp but would love to hear from someone that has already done it...THANKS in advance.
  2. These look great! A buddy of mine had one on our last trip and I was totally impressed with his ability to charge all gadgets off the bike. This is on my list! Looking forward to feedback on the best units and prices...
  3. Yo what’s up XLADV peeps! I’m stoked to be here! I live in S Oregon and put about 20k on my bikes annually. I like it to be mostly dirt, but very happy with scenic twisties and fit in lane splitting when appropriate. My favorite rides have been just about every ride I have been on: bits of Oregon Back Country Discovery, BC, essentially all up and down the West Coast. Haven’t done Mexico yet but helpfully soon. Just getting into doing the rally’s starting off with this years Mammoth Aug 31-Sept 2 rally with none other than XLADV! For money, I used to river raft guide, then became art teacher, now professional artist (pottery, paintings, and water features). I’ll be making some limited edition mugs for the XLADV rally! I’ll share a link to check them out when the first one is done: www.rossbenjaminwood.com I ride a 2006 BMW GS 1200 and freaking love it. Most versatile bike. Take the wife two up on multi day trips. Then rally the twisting with Ducati friends, then bomb the off road Oregon roads with my KTM friends. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes but have learned that attitude and mindset are the best tools for just about any challenge.