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  1. ToddMac

    KTM 990 Adventure S 2008

    Will ride it till the wheels fall off!
  2. ToddMac

    KTM 990 Adventure S (2008)


    Will ride it till the wheels fall off!
  3. ToddMac

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

  4. ToddMac

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    I told you my Polish was bad! Thanks again for the vid
  5. ToddMac

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Some great info...thanks! FWIW - I cut the audio (since my Polish is a little rusty theses days) and slowed the player speed to 1/2. That gave me ample time to really take a look at specifics on the bike while reading the commentary. Some of which was pretty funny. She is going to be a blast!
  6. ToddMac

    TrailTech Voyager Pro

    @Eric HallYep...that's him and loved the Lewis TID video(s). One day, when I earn the right to call myself a proper off-road rider, I'll give it a try. Would love to earn a slot on the finishers list. Hundreds have tried...only dozens have made it.
  7. ToddMac

    TrailTech Voyager Pro

    Hey Eric; A buddy runs the 1600 mile Tour of Idaho (one of the most challenging dual sport events in the country) loves his older unit (and maybe his new one). Because navigation is one of the most challenging aspects of this grueling backcountry event and the thing that knocks many teams out of the challenge, a bullet proof (read dedicated) trail unit has always been a priority for him. Having written and reviewed for the moto industry for years, Martin pulls no punches when it comes to gear. The review here is on the older version but you might find it useful. If you ever get into SE Idaho, look him up. He is always looking for a back country adventure. Cheers!
  8. ToddMac

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Hell....I just figured out my 08 990 had an air filter.
  9. ToddMac

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    I thought this was stuff dreams were made of. :)
  10. ToddMac

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    790 R one step closer for 2019 June 29, 2018 In the release highlighting the preproduction model at the European Rider Rally, KTM confirmed details about the 790 Adventure R including a new 799cc LC8c parallel twin tuned for a wider spread of power compared to the 790 Duke’s street-focused delivery. KTM also claims a 250-mile range from the low-slung fuel tanks. If the fuel consumption is similar to the 40 mpg average Cycle World experienced on the 790 Duke that would indicate a 6-gallon-plus fuel capacity. Fully adjustable WP suspension is also confirmed—as would be expected from an R model KTM. https://www.cycleworld.com/ktm-790-adventure-r-breaks-cover
  11. ToddMac

    RRR Tool Solutions

    The concept looks interesting...if they get fit and finish really dialed in. I'd certainly stop and put my greasy paws on it if I saw it at a booth.
  12. ToddMac

    KTM 790 Adventure R Spy Photos

    Where is the drool emoji? Don't care what keyboard commentators are complaining about..odds are the guys in Mattighofen know a thing or two about this topic. Sign me up!