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    Bmw GS g310

    Good day, i bought this #BMW Gs g310 Adventure bike last may 24,2018 , I barely use it thats why it has 200km mileage only. it was very fun in accessorizing even if after market accessories are expensive lol. I installed crash bars, hadlebar riser, top box, and adjusted my rear suspension from soft to medium hard. And also i need to buy new riding gears that will fit for my adventure bike. My problem is my side stand!!! I parked it beside my car and I noticed it was leaning on my car then I suddenly moved my bike immediately, i was surprise when i found out my side stand holder is broke!!! And then I realized it has a sub-standard metal material for a bmw brand im sharing this issue not because im upset because some of riders frequently sit on their bike while on side stand, they might get an accident falling if they don’t know this issue. Im hoping that my warranty replace it outright and immediately so i can ride safely again thank you