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  1. Onelugnut

    High Sierra 2018

    Keep fingers crossed
  2. Onelugnut

    High Sierra 2018

    Any fires in the area?
  3. Onelugnut

    High Sierra 2018

    I am headed to Sturgis end of July so I put 80/20 tires on for the 3,500 mile trip. With these tire we will stick to the easy dirt roads Sounds like a good time and a good chance to meet other adv riders.
  4. Onelugnut

    High Sierra 2018

    Any problems doing this 2up? My boss says I cant go with out her We will pay for 2. One more, Is it tax deductible?
  5. Onelugnut

    KTM 1290 SA-R Travel Pack Horror story!

    Looks lime the 18 has the my ride unlocked for free. I opted opted out of the other items for $600. Now if i could just get the app to load from Google play
  6. Onelugnut

    KTM 1290 SA-R Travel Pack Horror story!

    It looks like I am about to live this nightmare. I told the dealer at purchase "if it has it I want it turned on" After some time waiting, I told them at the first service we will work on it. Dropped it yesterday around noon and waiting on a call Is there any way to find out what the latest software update is? Lug