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  1. Welcome, my sons and I plan on doing the IDBDR this summer. We will keep you in mind when we are on our way. We're on S10s as well, you'll enjoy it.
  2. Welcome! See you on the trail.
  3. @huff_318 Las Vegas
  4. From the album Last minute trip to CO

  5. From the album LV to YellowStone

  6. From the album LV to YellowStone

  7. From the album LV to YellowStone

  8. Well, I'm happy to report the black powder coat has held up when skid plate was thrown around the garage during install. I'll keep you updated NavyNuke. TOStester, my wife knows your right. We've done all our preparation and ready to ROLL EARLY IN THE A.M. and as luck would have it...I was called into work tomorrow!!!!!!!! I began pacing around the house chanting the battle cry for this trip, "DirtyHeads or Bust!" Late start for me & Wifey!!!
  9. After a hole in our last trip. I'm ready. Bought an ACD "RACING" Skid Plate. Hopefully makes the bike faster. We will be headed out for a little ride from Las Vegas to Jackson, WY for the Dirty Heads concert. Then north to Yellowstone and Teton national parks.
  10. Welcome!
  11. Another fun bit. No spare!
  12. Welding was on point. We finished the ride.
  13. I was towed to Ouray after coasting down most of the hill. Took everything apart, had it welded in Delta, CO by Welfelt welding/fabrication.
  14. On the way down I slammed the stock skid plate and disaster. Punched a hole in the oil pan.