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  1. DakotaSpeed

    Ireland - You Thinking about it..

    Sorry, I was in Austin for the MotoGP and just caught this email. For tour Ideas we used this and information gathered on a prior Bus Tour I took. http://www.bestbikingroads.com/motorcycle-roads/motorbike-rides-in-ireland-/ireland-__2948.html Plan you trip in a counterclockwise route.. (Bus Traffic in Ireland runs clockwise) I have attached some files with maps and our itinerary. If Nightlife is an important portion of your Irish tour, STAY DOWNTOWN! get reservation on a site like Hotels.com. Walking to Pubs, Food and back is important.. Hotels in Ireland a room for two means 1 Double Bed. Separate beds means anything to you Make sure you reserve that option. If available at time of reservations, always go for Hotel Morning breakfast a good breakfast means you can "cheap out" on lunch. It gives you a greater number of options during the day..Also be aware of PARKING. The attached hotels had parking.. On the Thursday Map we started in Waterford - Dublin.. Don't miss that area south of Dublin You can contact me for more info if you need it.. Ireland Travel Maps.pdf Ireland Travel Plans.pdf
  2. DakotaSpeed

    Ireland - You Thinking about it..

    A group of four have just completed 5 Days in Ireland on GS1200s. If you have an interest in that take a look at my album. I'll post answers to your questions here if you're interested in trying it.
  3. DakotaSpeed

    Ireland With GS's, a GPS and a few Maps

    3 Adventure Bikes GS 1200's and a Honda Deauville thrown together with 3 Guys from Minnesota and one from North Dakota take on Ireland with help from Celtic Rider - http://www.motorental.ie/, a few maps and a GPS.