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  1. WADE-O Potato

    Mosko Moto Apparel

    So I've actually talked to Mosko about the pants legs and I guess it was a decision they made because it was easier to carry one length and then multiple waists because of manufacturing and accountability. This was also before they hired an actual clothing guy. They realize the zipper will only really be used one time so they are hoping the next run they can do different inseam lengths too. I'm sure there is more to it than that but that's what I remember.
  2. WADE-O Potato

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    That makes sense. I also like how low the fuel lobes are but they do present an issue when you fall over. I’ll be curious to see how the after market gets after that problem. I’m excited to see the aftermarket finally get a crack at this bike.
  3. WADE-O Potato

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    How'd you feel the power of the 790 compared to the 990? I know you just rode around the block but what's your initial impression?
  4. Honestly I think the ad is pretty stupid and tasteless. However, I don't think it's a big enough of a deal to burn down MV about it or harass any marketing guy. I think you could simply comment you don't like it and move on.
  5. WADE-O Potato

    Mosko Moto Apparel

  6. WADE-O Potato

    MimicGo Tracker from SmartMimic

    I think this would be really awesome for panniers. Thinking of the SoCal BDR documentary where on two occasions guys lost panniers hahaha.
  7. WADE-O Potato

    XLADV Water for Africa Rally June 14-16 2019

    Just paid for my ticket! Looking forward to the event but I had a question. Do we need to reserve our own campsites or is there a block already reserved?
  8. WADE-O Potato

    Overland Expo West 2019

    Never been to overland expo but I think it's something I need to do next year.
  9. WADE-O Potato

    Mosko Moto Apparel

    I'm really excited for the gear to get out into the wild. I think the thing that excited me the most is the e vent material. I want to know if it's as good as Pete says it is. Haha
  10. WADE-O Potato

    Fasst Flexx Handle Bars

    I noticed a huge difference putting foam grip covers on. I cant imagine have handlebars with suspension in them too. Hahaha
  11. WADE-O Potato

    2018 Ken Mooty Memorial/CORVA Fundraiser

    What would it take to have more fundraiser events like this happen? It'd be awesome to raise more money for CORVA.
  12. WADE-O Potato

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    @Eric Hall I'm really excited for this route to happen. There have been a couple years where I contemplated doing it but was always concerned my bike wouldn't make it out the other end. This is a big deal since my bike is also my form of transportation to get to work. Will be watching the developments closely.