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  1. At least the KLR makes a good medevac vehicle.
  2. Actually, what the picture does not convey is his good natured and humorous attitude about the crash!
  3. Steve's picture says it all! I hope he is healing quickly. I am anxious to get out again soon!
  4. It was a wonderful day of riding. It was also my first time aboard a European dirt bike other than a Bultaco or Montessa (I am ancient!) The morning wasn't too hot, and the dirt condition was perfect. Thanks Bryan & Steve for a terrific time. You guys are first class gentlemen!

    Florida Coast Run 8/13

    Bryan, just like you said: "worst day riding is better than the best day in the office". I couldn't agree more! I had a great time with you and Pablo. Fall is just around the corner and we will get our payback for putting up with this hellacious summer we had this year. This July was the hottest since 1932! Saturday was warm, but the fairly low humidity made the ride pretty pleasant. Next time you start to overheat your legs on the Tiger, feel free to ask me to let you cool off on the V-Strom.
  6. It was awesome to meet and ride with everyone. And, it was a stark reminder of just how much my dirt skills have deteriorated. But, despite that, no sleep and a G.I. bug the last couple of days, I had a GREAT time. The experience revived my love for dirt! The comradery and hanging out with other bike nuts is half the fun. Bryan, thanks again for the roost! There is something oddly refreshing/invigorating about getting hit in the face with some cool, moist dirt. It did bring back some good (motocross) memories and I was grinning ear to ear inside my helmet! On another topic, I regret to inform you that Home Depot has beat you to the punch on the boot drying racks. I saw some on display in my local store today. I am really looking forward to getting back out to Richloam with the group soon! Thanks to all!

    Central Florida Riders

    Thanks Bryan...looking forward to it!

    Central Florida Riders

    Hello Bryan, this is John checking in from Valrico. I hope to meet up with you and any others in Central Florida for some riding. Thanks again for the info on this site!