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  1. For anyone looking for a neotec 2 i thought I'd share my find, i just received my Excursion TC5 for $623 shipped from the uk which is about $250 less than i could find it for from any of the big stateside retailers and their website now shows it at $581...took 15 days without the $19.95 expedited shipping option. They were easy to deal with and promptly responded to all emails. http://www.freestylextreme.com/us/home/brands/shoei-helmets/shoei-silver-neotec-2-excursion-tc-6-motorcycle-flip-up-helmet.aspx?prodid=381867&optid=2094008&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_bjz5Iz63gIV4SCtBh2oKgiKEAQYASABEgIQofD_BwE
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    Thanks, this weekend sounds interesting I may be able to move some things around to get away....
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    Hello all, Name is Ed i am 55 living in Redondo beach ca. Riding 2014 dl1000 Looks like a great forum, looking forward to reading all the great info and contributing when i can