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  1. This is all fake news. I have yet to find any sources they are quoting... "22% of all pollution comes from thrill craft"??? Seriously?? And they say nothing about the equestrian culture, which have the highest impact of any one group, on trails and the management of trails. As per the Forest Service.
  2. Ride200mi

    That time I met Malcolm Smith

    Malcolm is just the nicest guy one could ever meet!!! I bought 2 Husky's from him personally. The 1st one in 1975. A 250 GP. He told me this bike is going to make me love riding!! The 2nd in 1985. I told him On Any Sunday made me cry from the joy he and Steve conveyed to me about motorcycles!! Attached is a pic of one of the trials rider in the film, Gary Steward. He lived near me and taught some trials stuff....
  3. Ride200mi

    Which GPS map devise should I buy?

    Which ones are the easiest to use for back tracking i.e. breadcrumbs? Following your trail back to where you started?
  4. Ride200mi

    Post your XL offroad photos

    I hope it is OK to post a non KTM..??