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    2012 - 990 oil level

    That might a 2010 thing. The manual says 6 bars, which on the 2010 is about half way on the temp gauge. The manual also says operating temp. Basically, get it hot.
  2. Builder Mike

    990 Adventure VS 990 Supermoto engine

    So I recently destroyed my 2010 KTM 990 adventure engine (at least a cylinder and head) and it was easier to buy a new very low milage 2010 990 Supermoto engine to replace it with. I did a bunch of homework and verified the gearing is the same, the fit is correct, etc. Couple of differences I came across and I am wondering if anyone knows why. 1. The spark plugs are different size/model. Yes I even googled it, the SMT does takes a different plug. Why? 2. The front valve cover on the adventure has 2 oil lines connected to it, the SMT has 1. Again, why? I'm pretty sure I will take the adventure valve cover and put it on the SMT so I don't have to drill holes to customize it.
  3. Builder Mike

    2012 - 990 oil level

    My 990 manual says run till 6 bars when hot and check it while on the center stand. The oil expands a lot when hot, and if you forget the bit about the center stand you can overfill it by at least a half quart.