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  1. Rooster72

    What'd you do to your KTM today?

    New tires / tubes, serviced oil and filters, tweaked on suspension getting ready for MOAB next week.
  2. Rooster72

    Ride for today

    Just keeping my ride of the day thread going. This is the back riding area of a local mx track (IMI) near my house on the front range, I figure if the mountains are starting to get snow I can go ride hear to keep the skills honed for next season.
  3. Rooster72

    New riders......

    Street is definitely a different animal, even if the new rider has years of dirt riding under his or her belt. Point in case, my son has ridden ride a 250 dirt bike for many years and can pull some of the nastiest whips you've ever seen BUT as soon as I put him on my old WeeStrom he dropped that thing 4 times in one day (YES 4 TIMES) I WAS SHOCKED!! There are so many things to consider on the street - i.e. texters, hot chicks to look at, friends to impress, on and on and on. Stay on them, DRESS FOR THE CRASH NOT FOR THE RIDE!!
  4. Rooster72

    GUILTY as charged!

    I'm betting you've been to a Giolitti though!!
  5. Rooster72

    GUILTY as charged!

    Well deserved point. I was going to take a picture of the bike in front of SB's but there was a group of people and a van sitting in the primo unloading photo op spot. I was too ashamed of myself!!
  6. Rooster72

    GUILTY as charged!

    I have to admit, I know I know I'm sure no one on this site would ever in a million years believe that I'd ride my clean bike on the street all day and stop at a Starbucks, but I did!! Here's how it played out, I had to go see some customers in the mountains today and figured what the hell, I might as well fire up the bike since it's pretty nice outside right? Turns out that it was a little chillier than I thought (as it can be this time of year at altitude) so I stopped by the Starbucks on I-70 in Dumont, CO on the way back and had a Hot Chocolate. Well, as I was pulling out with my head hung as low as possible without crashing there were 2 spotless GS 1200's all farked out with everything in the book pulling in. I just felt too damn clean and ashamed and thought to myself, I absolutely cannot and will not let myself or my new XLADV friends down. That being said, compounded by the fact that my snow and ice free days this year are unfortunately drawing near, I immediately raised my head up high, dumped the clutch, twisted the throttle to the stop, lifted the front tire off the ground and pointed that very sad 990 off-road to redeem myself! I didn't get much work done after that, but I did feel much better about myself and snuck one more great ride in this season!! My sincere apologies about the first half of my day!!
  7. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    Yeah, but it's been an amazing summer. I can still ride in some of the lame lower areas and I'll probably load up the dirt bike more often than usual for some track riding. I do plan to take a quick trip to MOAB in a couple weeks for an end of the summer blast. I figure I deserve it!!
  8. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    1 more pic, all is good
  9. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    It'll take a lot more than a couple bruises and a smashed crash bar to hold me down bro!! I'm just bummed that winter is rearing its ugly face out here. I ran into some snow and ice covered trails at elevation today, DAMMIT!!!
  10. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    Already on IT!!
  11. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    It's all good, going to get redemption tomorrow!! I'll tell you what, that bike really surprised me how well it took a fall, hardly any damage at all. And yes, new tubes every time this this guy.
  12. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    Good info, I'll give it a shot.
  13. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    I'm fine thanks for asking, just a little bruised and sore today. I made 2 mistakes and paid the price... #1 The tube was a used one like you said #2 I did not check my pressures before the ride, I always check my damn pressures!! I've had flat fronts on my dirt bike before and it was no big deal. You cannot believe how fast I was on the ground when that thing let loose, there was absolutely nothing I could have done. I hope everyone takes notice of your advice not to reuse their tubes, I know tires are expensive and we're probably all guilty of getting cheap on tubes but is just not worth the consequences.. I'll be replacing the front tire asap along with a brand spanking NEW UHD tube and the rear will be getting a new one as well.
  14. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    Obviously I need to make some changes up front so this doesn't happen again, a front tire blowing out is no fun. What's the cure?
  15. Rooster72

    The classic front tire blow out!

    Not the ride report I was hoping for, 30 mph rock road crash! !