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  1. dino702

    Mohave Preserve

    I hope this weekend still has some moisture in the dirt. I'll be out there Sunday!
  2. dino702

    Robbed at Gunpoint in Nevada

    You missed the second largest income booster for Nevada’s rural counties... gouging drivers with outrageous traffic infractions!
  3. dino702

    Vegas Checking In

    I know, I just posted on that thread. mecasa sucasa I’ll get some bike picks up soon
  4. dino702

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    I live in vegas and know the area between Baker and Vegas like the back of my hand. Would like to help in anyway including bike storage and lodging at my home for when it’s time to proof the last sections coming into Vegas.
  5. dino702

    Vegas Checking In

    KTM Baja Adventure rider checking in. Living in Vegas you can pretty much ride year round. Our riding season just started and it’s December! Also have a plated CRF 450X that’s my retired desert race bike.