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  1. I like the idea of a self sustaining big bike multi-day. I’d be in. through the Mojave preserve would be epic
  2. As long as you can load that days tracks to your GPS you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t worry too much about the roll chart on the Adv route but you should know how to use it. Are you riding the Duc to the start or trailering it?
  3. Do it and you’ll come out for it every year after
  4. Jimmy is a good asset. It will have to be a combination of dirt and pavement to avoid the many deep sand sections of day 2. Perhaps this could be a good way to involve the Mojave Preserve. The BLM may be more receptive to an Adv route through the Preserve rather than dirt bikes with license plates. I have many big bike routes through the Preserve if it works out.
  5. What’s the latest on the Adventure routes?
  6. I have this as a basic route. Make sure you switch it from car to walking mode. https://goo.gl/maps/ASfuRDTNaMN2
  7. You are spot on about seeing better lines at night. 90 degrees with no sun beating on you is much more doable and can feel much cooler.
  8. The same months for riding hold true here in Vegas and from June to October we do night rides to beat the heat. You can do the whole southern half of the NVBDR at night in the middle of summer. With a good light, off-road night riding is a whole nother experience that is not to be missed!
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