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  1. Chris Hunt

    Who's up here in the extreme (non-Alaskan) PNW?

    Looking forward to it as well. Say hi if you make it up here. I'm thinking about getting a bigger bike again so maybe I can hang.
  2. Yeah, almost exactly the same. Sold it after a year with 35k.
  3. Chris Hunt


    Sweet post Eric! I have a ton of fun on Instagram and, at the end of the day, I'm not sure anything really matters on there since it's just for fun, but here are some of my reactions anyway. While I do follow more than 50 folks myself, the number of people I follow looks relatively low (104 as I write this). For me, this is a way to actually increase the value and relationships I get out of Instagram. All the people I follow are folks I've met or have a strong connection with and I enjoy every single one of their photos and captions. I'll often comment on the photos and have jokes with them because I feel like I know them and their story pretty well. Even with just 100 people in my feed, I sometimes feel challenged to enjoy all the posts if I miss a day on Instagram. I honestly have no idea how folks are able to follow 500+ people and keep track of everything! To feel part of the larger community, I'll browse popular hashtags (#advrider, #dualsport) to checkout all the other cool stuff that's happening out there in adventure land. It can be exciting, at first, to see your photo re-posted on a larger account, but most of those accounts are re-posting images to grow and entertain their own audience, not yours. They are not doing you a favor. You are actually doing them a favor by providing them with great images for their Instagram feed at zero charge. The only re-posts that add value, in my opinion, are those that are done sparingly and with a clear call-to-action. Why are you re-posting this image? What makes it so special that you feel the need to share it with your audience? Explain those things in the caption and invite folks to go check out the original author. My favorite recent example of this is here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BI-aMlmBh7o/ I use a ton of hashtags in my posts (usually around 20-25). I see them as a great way to share my stuff with people (and companies) who are not following me. Since I often browse hashtags myself, I assume that others are doing the same. If a person is looking for shots of #wolfmanluggage, I want my bike to show up in their feed because I have a ton of photos of Wolfman Luggage. My pics are exactly what they are looking for. It seems like a good thing to me as long as the hashtags are relevant to the post. If you can find 30 relevant tags, then go to town! I think if hashtags were invisible, people would be using a lot more of them. The only objections I've heard to hashtags is that "they are ugly and look spammy". The ugliness of them, to me, doesn't outweigh the benefits I've shared above. One method of making the tags less visible is to put them in the first comment. This works well because as soon as a couple more folks comment on the image, the hashtags disappear from view. There are a couple other popular methods out there for hiding hashtags if this feels weird.
  4. Chris Hunt

    The Top 7 Pumps for Your XLADV Motorcycle

    I use a cycle pump
  5. Chris Hunt

    Taste of Dakar 2016

    We've got nothing setup in Portland yet. There are 3 of us wanting to go down, but nobody has a truck or trailer. If we get something setup, we'll post it up here.
  6. Chris Hunt

    Taste of Dakar 2016

    That'd be great - thanks much.
  7. Chris Hunt

    Copper Canyon Feb 13-20 w/GoodADV

    Yes! I'm all set. Thanks for the help and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone down there soon.
  8. Chris Hunt

    Taste of Dakar 2016

    Ahhhh, nice! I forgot about this thing. I want to go. I'm not sure if I want to fly, but I'll keep my eyes on this thread just in case I change my mind.
  9. Chris Hunt

    Copper Canyon Feb 13-20 w/GoodADV

    Anyone coming down from the PNW?
  10. Chris Hunt

    Death Valley Ken Mooty Memorial Ride - Nov '15

    Thanks for the videos Beast!
  11. Chris Hunt


    I take great pride in my Instagram. I hope the banner ad isn't too much.
  12. Chris Hunt

    Adventure Riding Training

    Eric is a better rider than me, so I'd go with Jimmy Lewis if you're flipping a coin at this point.
  13. Chris Hunt

    Adventure Riding Training

    I took the RawHyde course and it was excellent. I arrived with zero off-pavement experience and left with a lot of confidence. That said, I think any of the classes you mentioned are going to be great and people have good things to say about all of them. There's another well known course in the PNW area called PSSOR if you make it over there. The great thing about these things is you can take them all! Just pick any one of them to get started on the adventure.
  14. Chris Hunt

    Death Valley Ken Mooty Memorial Ride - Nov '15

    Here are my gps tracks for Friday/Saturday in Death Valley. It was nice to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to next time! (click for map)
  15. Chris Hunt

    Death Valley Ken Mooty Memorial Ride - Nov '15

    The General Store, also known as the Internet Cafe. This is where you purchase gas at double market value if you forget to get some when you're in town. This is also where you connect to the mysterious wifi network "tsunami" and tell folks at home that you are still alive.