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  1. piambro

    Lark Canyon OHV (East SD County) ride - May 23/26

    Thanks, I already committed to other stuff I called this off already
  2. piambro

    Lark Canyon OHV (East SD County) ride - May 23/26

    looks like nobody is really interested so I'm calling the ride OFF
  3. piambro

    Lark Canyon OHV (East SD County) ride - May 23/26

    yeah that's the location I don't want to camp by myself so if you say that you can get there Friday morning (or Friday night) I will consider leaving Pasadena on Friday morning instead of Thursday night. I won't be riding on Sunday, I have to be back to LAX early
  4. Hey guys, I put together a quick two days ride in this little but very technical area. We were a group of 4 but the other people, who wanted to go on and explore the Anza Borrego area after this ride, bailed because it will be in the 90F in that area. So all of a sudden I find myself pretty much alone camping at the staging area (my other friend lives in San Diego so he will drive in and out same day). The idea was to get to Lark Canyon staging area on Thursday afternoon, May 23. Then ride in the cool hours of the morning and late afternoon on Friday and Saturday. I have to drive back early on Sunday. It's dry camping so you need to bring all you need (water & food). I'll try to put together a group of at least 5 people: the area is not big but very technical, good for practicing your turning, braking and hill climbing skills. There is a little bit of everything: sand, rocks, boulders, single tracks. I'm bringing my dirt bike ('89 XR250R), not the ADV one. Also, if I can't put together a big enough group of people camping out by next Tuesday I'll call the ride off. Let me know if you want to be part of it, my cell is (949) 3101708 Pietro
  5. piambro

    Need help for Baja trip planning

    For insurance in Baja I've been using https://www.bajabound.com for many years. One thing to remember: the two times (among many checkpoints and random inspections all over Baja from TJ to Cabo) that the cops really wanted to see my documents (once was entering Mexico at the Tecate border) they asked for the ORIGINAL of the title. Not a copy (I had both). The only time I stopped and got the Mexican tourist visa was when my Italian friends were with me last December and they needed a proof of exit from the US, i.e. a stamp on their passport. At that point, of course, they made us pay for the visas as well.
  6. piambro


    @piambro for my Supercross images and @advmotoheaven for adventure riding stuff
  7. piambro

    Mojave 2019

    It was a great event, and I had a lot of fun. I was with a great group of riders and we had a blast. It would be great to add quick "seminars" on different topics, given the fact that there are so many experienced riders/campers/travelers/mechanics in the XLADV group. I know most of that information is already available in the forum, but firsthand, in person, is always better. Me? I would love to learn more about how to use my damn GPS, for example. Somebody could help riders dealing with sand, or other riding techniques, show how to change a tire, or perform basic maintenance. Maybe a general introduction to better understand what camping gear to buy according to the expected temperature and weather conditions. Finally, maybe some "featured speakers" after dinner, holding a beer around campfire. I know there is not a lot of downtime and we are all there to ride, but maybe with a specific schedule most people would work around it and make sure they are there when they need to.
  8. piambro

    Mojave 2019

    From above!
  9. piambro

    Mojave 2019

    great event, great location!
  10. piambro

    Hello from piambro

  11. It was shutting down for no apparent reason, until I've found out that it was a map problem, I was trying to use free maps that were not compatible. I've since bought another unit and I don't need this one anymore, even if the small eTrex 30x that I have now has a smaller screen. Comes with original box, RAM holder and RAM ball, California Trail Maps preloaded (and working) on the included MicroSD card. $100 cash in hand, I'm in Pasadena, CA. I figured I'd offer it to this group before posting it on CL
  12. Looking for somebody to share the cost (driving my truck) for the Giant Loop ADV ride, May 31st - June 2nd at Crystal Cane Hot Springs, Oregon. Starting from Pasadena
  13. piambro

    Hello from piambro

    Ok ticket purchased: Mojave here I come!
  14. piambro

    California Trail Maps - What am I doing wrong?

    Oh well, straight from the horse's mouth: Routing The map provides search funcitonality but it does not support autorouting. It will not calculate the distance or provide step by step directions from your current location to the destination. Existing routing features of your GPS can be retained by using the Transparent version of the trail map with the street map currently installed on your GPS.