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  1. piambro

    Hello from piambro

  2. It was shutting down for no apparent reason, until I've found out that it was a map problem, I was trying to use free maps that were not compatible. I've since bought another unit and I don't need this one anymore, even if the small eTrex 30x that I have now has a smaller screen. Comes with original box, RAM holder and RAM ball, California Trail Maps preloaded (and working) on the included MicroSD card. $100 cash in hand, I'm in Pasadena, CA. I figured I'd offer it to this group before posting it on CL
  3. Looking for somebody to share the cost (driving my truck) for the Giant Loop ADV ride, May 31st - June 2nd at Crystal Cane Hot Springs, Oregon. Starting from Pasadena
  4. piambro

    Hello from piambro

    Ok ticket purchased: Mojave here I come!
  5. piambro

    California Trail Maps - What am I doing wrong?

    Oh well, straight from the horse's mouth: Routing The map provides search funcitonality but it does not support autorouting. It will not calculate the distance or provide step by step directions from your current location to the destination. Existing routing features of your GPS can be retained by using the Transparent version of the trail map with the street map currently installed on your GPS.
  6. I admit I am a total noob when it comes to map rides on a GPS. With that said here is my dilemma: I've purchased the California Trail Maps package and installed it on both my eTrex 30x and BaseCamp. Next step: I've selected a trail that I'd like to ride near Highway 2, I created the starting point and the finish point, but when I generate the route I only get a straight, pink line connecting the two points, not following the trail at all. HELP
  7. piambro

    Los Angeles-Based Off-Road 1-2 Day Rides

    Too late to the party, but open to future local rides, I'm in Pasadena, KTM 640 Adventure R, very modest rider but NOTHING stops me
  8. piambro

    KTM 640 Adventure (2002)


    I'm still getting used to it...
  9. piambro

    KTM 640 Adventure 2002

    I'm still getting used to it...
  10. piambro

    GPS Devices

    I have a 60CSx but it kept shutting down so I bought a eTrex 30... mistake! I'm getting old and I can't see a damn thing on that tiny screen. But it's a cute little device
  11. piambro

    Hello from piambro

    I'll definitely try to make it to the Mojave Rally!
  12. piambro

    Hello from piambro

    Hi everybody, new to the community. I'm, Italian, live in Pasadena and work in the moto industry. I have a 2002 KTM 640 Adventure R and I'm here to hook up with riding buddies to maybe go explore during the week? Also open to multiple day rides, depending on my traveling schedule. As per my riding skills... I used to race MX many years ago, I owned several dirt bikes in my life and I rode ADV bikes all over the place... but I still suck and I'm slow AF