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    Traction Control: gotta have it or no thanks?

    I don't need it but its presence doesn't make me blow a gasket either. I'm like a throttle whisperer so I can make it slide even when it doesn't want to. I really like what the electronic nannies do for my insurance rates though. It makes a noticeable difference in my premium.
  2. Weaponized

    Checking in from FL

    At some point yes. The majority of my riding here in Flatistan is sand with no rocks to worry about but its on my list just for protection from road debris. Still got a few hundred breakin miles to go. This thing is so complete its almost hard to mod. I did read somewhere that 2018 skid plates may not fit a 2019. Is that accurate?
  3. Weaponized

    Checking in from FL

  4. Weaponized

    Harley Davidson sales slump

    Harleys problem is innovation. Not theirs...everyone else's. When I picked up my new GSA I was shocked by the variety of machines out there, even from companies like Ducati. Harley wasn't raised in an era when there was so much competition and variety. At one time their only worry was the Japanese. Now its virtually every continent. Their answer has always been to create one "different" model (like the Vrod for example) to create the illusion that they're evolving and moving forward, but their line up has always been 99% old school, which very few want. Millenials are riding or there wouldn't be so many entry level choices. They're just not riding Harleys.
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  6. Weaponized

    Checking in from FL

    New guy here. Just picked up a 2019 1250 GSA Exclusive. Went bike-less for the last year after trading a VRod and KTM 690R for a side-by-side and was going INSANE without a 2-wheeler. The GS has always been my bucket list bike and just WOW. What a perfect machine.