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  1. The comparison comments from the owner that has all of them were valuable. I ride in places where there's often a light layer of sand on the road that you cant see, where a harder compound could be deadly in corners. So far the AX41s are quite confidence inspiring on the street...at least for a set of knobbies. I think I'll be OK sacrificing some mileage for traction on the street. I'm not completely happy with the front tire performance in deep sugar or peanut butter sand. The front end gets scary and wants to slide. Of course you could argue that there probably isn't a tire that can handle that stuff under the weight of a GSA.
  2. Can got delivered. Sounds perfect. Almost as quiet as stock at cruise but louder at idle and when on the gas.
  3. Yeah when you factor in how much these bikes weigh... A small drop in pressure yields big results. I don't think you have to air them down all that far. I've heard the 28PSI rule as well But I weigh 220 and will probably try 30 pounds as a starting point.
  4. I actually see this happen a lot. Not with motorcycles but on side by sides. I went up to wind rock for Christmas with my RZR Hi lifter and that place is well known for causing people to lose their tires. I ran 4 to 5 PSI higher than what most people recommend and surprise...gobs of traction, no lost tires. And this over some seriously sharp rocks. I covered 40 miles, sweating bullets the whole way because I didn't have a spare. I found the same thing with my mountain bikes where people are recommending pressures that just don't make sense for my body weight. I ignore them and don't have anywhere near the issues they have. I think people like to tease the limits of tire pressure too much sometimes. If low equals good then lower must equal better. I think they end up crossing a line.
  5. If someone would show me that without any background I'd say...too much speed verses a sharp impact with not enough tire pressure for the conditions or tire. Given that sidewalls are dumb and don't know how stiff they are, I'd still say not enough pressure. I don't know what the interior surface area of a given tire is but 30PSI as an example X 300 sq/in as an example = 9000lb of force at the interior of the tire. I'm not convinced that any sidewall on these types of tires are going to add significantly to that. But I could be wrong so just ignore all that. Thinking out loud
  6. So far so good. Felt "odd" for the 1st 20 miles or so but one they scrubbed they felt pretty planted on the street. Ive been cautious cornering but quickly gaining more confidence on them. They're a bit noisy at certain speeds on certain surfaces but I knew that would be the case going in. Haven't seen much dirt use yet but initial impressions on dirt roads are very good...night and day better than the Anakee Adventures. My passenger can't hear them at all but the pilot inside the bubble can.
  7. Just mounted a set of these. Still need to scrub them in but so far they're promising.
  8. My 2019 was delivered with these. They're excellent on the street and I'd guess decent on hard pack but get the slightest bit of sand under them and they're worthless. I just swapped them out at my 600 mile check. This is not to say they don't have their place.. its just where I ride, off-road means sand so I have to run a more aggressive tire.
  9. I don't need it but its presence doesn't make me blow a gasket either. I'm like a throttle whisperer so I can make it slide even when it doesn't want to. I really like what the electronic nannies do for my insurance rates though. It makes a noticeable difference in my premium.
  10. At some point yes. The majority of my riding here in Flatistan is sand with no rocks to worry about but its on my list just for protection from road debris. Still got a few hundred breakin miles to go. This thing is so complete its almost hard to mod. I did read somewhere that 2018 skid plates may not fit a 2019. Is that accurate?
  11. Harleys problem is innovation. Not theirs...everyone else's. When I picked up my new GSA I was shocked by the variety of machines out there, even from companies like Ducati. Harley wasn't raised in an era when there was so much competition and variety. At one time their only worry was the Japanese. Now its virtually every continent. Their answer has always been to create one "different" model (like the Vrod for example) to create the illusion that they're evolving and moving forward, but their line up has always been 99% old school, which very few want. Millenials are riding or there wouldn't be so many entry level choices. They're just not riding Harleys.
  12. Harley 90 Suzuki RM250 Honda CB 350C Yamaha Maxim 650 Honda CB 1000C Honda CBR1000 BMW GS650 KTM 690 Enduro R Harley V Rod 2019 BMW GS 1250 Adv (current)
  13. New guy here. Just picked up a 2019 1250 GSA Exclusive. Went bike-less for the last year after trading a VRod and KTM 690R for a side-by-side and was going INSANE without a 2-wheeler. The GS has always been my bucket list bike and just WOW. What a perfect machine.
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