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    KTM 1090 R Issues

    I have been googling the 1090 adventure r like a madman... I was about to pay cash for a 2018. My extremely insane friend who likes 130mph on his 990 adv (my skill will never be at his level) thinks I should get a used 990 but the prices for the low mile once are approaching 9K+. (Strangely my wife bristled at me buying a used bike, I didn’t except it but, hey, not totally a bad problem.) Anyway, 51 yold rider here, rode dirt bikes from 12 to probably 19 then street bikes till about 27. Went without a bike from 27 to age 49. Currently ride a street bike (15 Aprilia Shiver, underrated street bike IMO and ride the crap out of it.) But I live in Washington State, so much more to ride than just slab. Walker ORV park is like 10 miles from my house plus all the cascade forrest roads. Had settled ongoing to pick up a 2018 1090 next week but now I don’t know really what to do. I want a bike I can log any amount of miles on but I really want to get off road as well. Feel kinda overwhelmed at the choices. I know I also may talk my wife into going with me so that’s why I had settled on the 1090 for it’s over all capabilities. I’ve even considered getting a true dual sport to develop/revisit off road skills first, but like I said, I want to do some long trips with a passenger. I don’t believe in unicorn bikes... they all have their pros and cons... I just want the best set of pros and cons for me I guess. If only I could have a garage full of 10 bikes.... but that ain’t realistically happening for lots of reasons. Thanks for at least objectively pointing out issues this bike has.