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  1. OneMonth.OneRide

    Need help for Baja trip planning

    Ok I'm a perfect noob, first time ended on the ground several times I still need to practice, but with Mathilde as pillion and the bike fully load with camping gear I'm not sure that the best way to learn..
  2. OneMonth.OneRide

    Need help for Baja trip planning

    Thank Piambro ! I'll check this insurance also, and be sure to have all originals with me. Bests
  3. OneMonth.OneRide

    Need help for Baja trip planning

    Hi Eric, thank you for your help ! How long is the ride from Tecate to Ojos Negros by the trail approximately ? Is it sandy ? Thanks
  4. OneMonth.OneRide

    Need help for Baja trip planning

    Hello guys, I hope I posted the thread in the correct section, apologize me if not. We are travelling to Baja norte for 3 days at the end of the month. We are heading to San Felipe area and would like to cross the border in Mexicali. I would like to know if you guys have some tips for planning our trip. Especially regarding the documents that we need, like insurance, where to get it ? And any other information that you seems relevant and I could miss. Thanks in advance.
  5. OneMonth.OneRide

    Yamaha Super Tenere (2012)


  6. OneMonth.OneRide

    Hello, Frenchies in LA

    Coooool thank you
  7. OneMonth.OneRide

    Hello, Frenchies in LA

    Thank you ! I know you guys will be riding Mojave this weekend but it's not a good match for us I saw you do the ride every year so I'll be sure to avoid booking anything at this period next year. Do you guys have other rides like this one throughout the year ? Thanks !
  8. OneMonth.OneRide

    Hello, Frenchies in LA

    Hello fox, We are Mathilde and Max, a french duo rider of 31 and 28 years old. We moved in California, Los Angeles, few months ago. I'm (Max) working as a biology post doctoral researcher at UCLA and Mathilde (my wife) work as a french remote copywriter. I'm in love with two wheels and had so far 4 different bikes from yamaha xt660, fz6, ktm 950sm and super tenere xt1200z today. Fortunately, Mathilde has also been bitten by the motorcycle bug when we met eachothers. The idea for us is to discover new places in the area on a monthly basis, we have an Instagram @onemonth.oneride for that purpose. So far we have been to Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon, Jawbone and Red Rock Canyon. I'll try to write reports about those rides. Our first trip with the Super Tenere was in Joshua Tree and we fall in love with dirt trails riding, which was totally new for us. Since, I'm always trying to find dirt roads that coincide with paved ones. We really are enthousiast about joining the adventure bike community and I'm happy to discover all the aspects of this new motorcycle world. More generally I love riding but also working on the bikes, you know, throwing all the money in it! We still need to learn a lot about riding technics though. I hope some of you will welcome us for future rides in SoCal. Oh yes! One last thing, our ultimate goal after my postdoc in few years will be a huge ride to the end of the world. There is a long way before that though.