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    Motoz Tires

    Man that's a great looking tire, going to try to grab one before I go on a ride first of March and then for March Moto Madness [emoji1360]
  2. Jmack

    Hi from Georgia

    Hi guys, my name is Justin I'm originally from Florida but living in Georgia for past ten years. Been riding dualsports since I was about 12. My first bike was a 1992 Kawasaki KE100. I currently ride a 15 1190r Adventure. Found xladv through Instagram. I ride primary in the Appalachian mountains, camping minimally in the national forests.
  3. Jmack

    Hi from Georgia

    Thanks for the compliment, your bike looks wonderful as well! I'm about 4.5 hours from Ashville and almost bought my bike from Eurosport. In October I was riding with a buddy on a GSA, I lost sight of him and turned around. He lost it in some muddy ruts and the GSA went down on him breaking his fib and tib. It was fun getting EMS in the woods then I had to ride his bike out to get picked up. I'm sure he wishes he was on something a tad lighter like the 1190r. My dads from MD and I have a friend that lives on the coast there he's actually is riding in Texas right now and stopping by on the way home.
  4. Jmack

    Hi from Georgia

    Sure Eric if you want to tag me its justin.womack
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    Hi from Georgia

  6. Jmack

    Hi from Georgia

    Hi Bryan, I'm actually in Statesboro which doesn't have that good of riding besides dirt roads. There's a group that rides your way I can pm you there info. I'm actually going down to brooksville for a ride in March with them. I'm actually working on a video now. I have a ton of Gps tracks all around north Georgia, TN, NC, etc... if your interested. If you want a sample I would suggest planning a ride to March Moto Madness. I've never been but heard great things.