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  1. Mooney78865-- Let me know when the time gets closer maybe I can ride a stretch with you.
  2. Take a look over at my wordpress Blog. Clicky.
  3. Sounds like a ride I had a few weeks back on my Tenere. Attempted a single track section that looked "only a few miles". My altrider gear took a beating that day. Hey it was a learning experience and we are both better riders cause of it. Haha. Good write up.
  4. Hello, stumbled upon this site while following one of the members while he make the trip through Idaho. Currently riding a 13 Super T with all kinds of goodies on it. Purchased it this year from a co-worker who bought it new and only put 30 miles on it. I have just rolled over 600+. love it Leg 1 and 2 of the IDBDR are just in my neck of the woods so if your close by hit me up. Joshua Mtn.Home, ID