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  1. If that is happening when you make pipi, you might want to get that checked out ???
  2. I’m down in San Diego, as well.... if you hit @Harsimran Baweja or one of us up, We will put out the GS bat-signal and shake & bake ride group will emerge. Welcome.
  3. Photo op before great Burgers (and people watching) in Benton Heading out to Benton hot springs, before the Dips (which was everyone's favorite part of that ride) Hearing about the good work Motorrad Angels does iPhone shot of the camp walking back from the head Rode to bodie from Bridgeport, then out to Mono Lake - Ellen did really well on her 650GS, she had only done a couple dirt roads before this trip. Exiting the dirt road from Bodie as we get closer to Mono Lake Great Chow in Bridgeport after riding dirt from Twin Lakes to.... here This is from Wednesday when the wife and I had the camp almost all to ourselves Heavy Enduro - Arriving Wade trying out them 790 feels Wife and I headed out and rode Yosemite Thursday before folks were showing up More from Yosemite When we first showed up Wednesday Can pretty much guarantee if you stop and eat here you will have a story to tell afterwards. The burgers were awesome, and so was watching Wade siphoning gas out of his R1200GSA with it's 56 gallon tanks, to the dude with a mohawk and leather chest rig that ran out of gas on his way home from burning man... Oh and the dude in the corner ripping tall boys staring deeply into all of our eyes while he remained completely silent. Good times. 10/10 would go again.
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