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  1. Lukeymckenzie

    Dakar 2020

    Toby Price just took 4th at the worlds and Sammy Sunderland took 1st... I have to support my Aussie countrymen, but I don’t see anything other than KTM in top 2 for 2020... Brabec had tragedy strike last year... let’s see if they’ve fixed their game!
  2. Sounds awesome! Is this Friday or Saturday you'll be on this?
  3. Ok — I should’ve checked on my laptop first. I assumed I could do it from my phone... I think I’ve figured it out!
  4. Yep. Pro member. I’ll see what I can do if I should be able to do it — don’t want you to have to lug that up!
  5. Hey everyone, I signed up a couple weeks ago when I booked in my 8th Annual High Sierra rally! Was told about it from a mate and I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of you. ive been riding two wheels since a boy: Bmx, racing downhill Mtb, dirt bikes to road bikes and now that I’m in LA (since 2014), I’m on a Zero DSR for commuting and day trips, and a KTM 1290sar for everything else! Rode up to Canada and did the WABDR, Touratech rally and ride back through whistler to christen it, and have done other trips since: Rowher Flats, Big Sur, Overland expo in Flagstaff, and plenty other road rides. Looking forward to getting into these rides and finding more people and places to explore down here and beyond! Outside riding, I love good beer, play in a band for fun, travel way too much than my bank account would like, and work in film (screenwriter). Cheers to all! luke
  6. Just added you and scrolled your planned rides! Great stuff! Though I couldn’t download them into my planned rides. Maybe I can “buy” you a beer and see if I can get them texted or air dropped across at the campsite? and sorry to clog the thread with this!
  7. Yep. It was the gpx. I finally got it to upload into my Rever, but it looks like a pile of spaghetti. I'm assuming it's just my uselessness with nav systems, so I'll see if there's someone on thursday who can have a look over a beer! I downloaded that pdf map also -- looks fantastic! Can't wait!
  8. I’m having a little trouble accessing that file and plugging it into my phone and rever app, and I have a brand new garmin In reach mini. Wondering if there’ll be someone who could either help me on Thursday, or send it to my device??? I’m pretty green on GPS track inputs, but I’ve done it before through Rever, I just canr get it working now! cheers all!! Can’t wait!
  9. Cheers! Looking forward to it. I definitely will come find you — you might have to wipe some drool off your 950 once I’m done ogling at it!!!! What a beast!
  10. G'day everyone! I'm new to the forum. First post. I signed up to the event a month or two ago and can't wait to go ride some trails! I'm on a 1290SAR. Found out abou thte ride from a fella on a street ride - Norm. Great bloke and he said the forum is a good community hub. Looking forward to hearing more and riding even more! Cheers, Luke
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