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  1. Anything is possible. Great job. What makes it super good is your commitment to provide updates , photos and videos to the rest of us in the adventure community. i owe my passion for big bike adventure riding to you(a few others of course) based on meeting you on my first ride in Idaho. Thanks,Bud.
  2. Legendary extracting yourself from that ditch. Without the tire issues you did very well my friend
  3. Thanks for the kind words. Liken the website. Looking forward to see it grow. I enjoyed your video from Baja. Gonna haul down one of these winters and the info from experienced travellers is invaluable.
  4. Hey Eric, Met you on the Lolo Motorway. Ridin the Ktm1190 and my buddy was on the Varadero. Good to meet you and the website is awesome. Great ride report as well. After we got chased out by the fire we headed back to Missoula and returned to Alberta the next day. Plan on running more of tha Idbdr in September and yes I put on some Tkc80's. Actually the Tkc70's worked quite well but might be troublesome in the wet.
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