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  1. TN Traveler

    Post your XL offroad photos

    couple pics of a recent trip through the mtns of NC, I've been in Mexico the last 19 months on my dual sported ktm 450, currently in the Dominican Republic for another month then looking forward to swapping tires on the 990 on having some fun, the temps on this ride did drop below freezing and I had to scrape ice of the visor going over the passes, so that qualifies as an adventure
  2. Nice video, looked like a great trip, I can see the fuel bottles are attached to the front of the crash bars, good idea, are there any clearance problems with that.
  3. TN Traveler

    Hello from Canada Eh!

    Welcome aboard, nice looking bike, I like the white/orange color scheme.
  4. What Tyler talks about on the video is why I'm here and not on some of the other forums, I've never had anybody be rude to me on other forums but you see it a lot when somebody new ask a simple ? We all had those ? at one time and somebody answered them for us, sometimes I think new people just want to fit in so they ask anything hoping to start a conversation with somebody, let's keep this site clean, fun and at least pg rated. Happy trails.
  5. TN Traveler

    Hi from Long Island

    That stinks,Hope you get feeling better soon, at least you have all winter to recover instead of having to miss all summer,
  6. TN Traveler

    Hello from Seattle..

    If the bike can take you on your adventure, then it's an adv bike
  7. TN Traveler

    Hello from Seattle..

    Welcome to the jungle Alan, bet you've got plenty of campfire stories.
  8. TN Traveler

    What is 99% round 1% flat

    So I got home early enough tonight to install my new chain and go for a quick spin, actually went and got a hair cut, took her out to the bypass and was only able to get up to 80 due to traffic, but balanced perfectly, not even a hint of a wobble, the dyna beads did there job, 21x1.85 with rim lock, 1 oz of dyna beads, will mount the rear sat and go for a longer run, need to install my heated grips as our lows are already going into the 30's
  9. TN Traveler

    What is 99% round 1% flat

    So I finally got my new front tire in, so I left my job early Mon after noon, got the tire mounted, installed the glass beads to balance it, got suited up for a short ride to Check the balance of the tire, rolled the bike out of the garage, fired it up, put it in gear and it wouldn't go, put it back in neutral then back in 1st still won't go, then I remembered I took the old chain off and hadn't put the new one on yet, the way I had the bike parked when I took the front tire off made it to difficult to get to the chain so I was going to wait until I got the tire on and could move it, man don't you hate getting old lol, maybe tomorrow I can get home in time to install the chain and go for a quick spin
  10. TN Traveler

    Women's GS Trophy

    Wrapping that rope around the tree looked interesting, and the teeter toter intimidating, great group of riders, too bad Kim didn't make it.
  11. TN Traveler

    Recovered Motorcycle

    That's great,what are the odds, a gentleman here in Tn had a 67 (I beleive) corvette stolen a few wks after he bought it new, he didn't have insurance so lost the car, about 4 yrs ago they found it when someone went to title it, longest vehicle recovery in Tn,it was fully restored, since he had no insurance he got the car back, talk about an investment with interest, but it was up at the corvette museum in Ky when a sink hole opened up under the main floor swallowing a handful of vetts, not sure if his was one of those.
  12. TN Traveler

    Watch "Dual Sport West Virginia Part One" on YouTube

    Looked like some great riding, good video, I might have to ride over next year and try some off those trails out
  13. TN Traveler

    Motoz Tires

    Too bad those adv tires aren't avaliable now, as I'll be purchasing a set of 50/50 tires in the next month or so for my trip to mexico at the end of the year, by the time I get back I'll need a new set and they should be available.
  14. I agree with Camel ADV, it has to have a waterproof shell, and being an athletic build (thin) I can't wear a lot of suits with an American build, way to lose in the gut area and never enough adjustment to take up, waterproof pockets inside for phone, I pod etc.. and something besides blk, unless it has some orange mixed in of course.
  15. TN Traveler

    What is 99% round 1% flat

    I talked with Jerod at Woodys and he told me what to do with the extra length of my spokes, so I've got the rim ready to mount, but one thing the seller didn't tell me and I didn't notice until I got the rim assembled was it has an extra hole for what I assume would be a rim lock or could run a tubliss system which I have thought about, but for now I'm just going to install a rubber valve to fill the hole, it has rained her every day for over a week, hurricane season, so haven't been in a hurry to get the bike back together and my work schedule has been killing me, going to have to have a talk with my boss, wait I am the boss, oh well. Will get everything mounted up this wk so hopefully be able to go for a ride this wknd if nothing comes up and it doesn't rain, but then I won't melt.