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  1. Eric Hall

    IDBDR Aug 2018

    and the full video... This was one of those "hard but fun" trails and really glad we did it. We came back a lot quicker because we were familiar with the trail.
  2. Eric Hall

    IDBDR Aug 2018

    a 60 second version of our single track ride. YouTube video uploading right now
  3. Well written and love the solo riding part! I did 987 miles once from Steamboat Springs, CO to Irvine, CA and would never do it again. Should have stopped in St. George, UT but "wasn't tired." Last week I did an IDBDR trip were I did 750 miles the first day from Irvine to Rome, OR and it actually wasn't too bad. I set out at 4:45 am and 87 was the max temp I had to endure so not too bad. On the way home Sunday I did 786 miles from Klamath, CA to Irvine and it was a bit more than I wished I had to do but got home just after midnight so not horrible. Like SF Demo about 5 hours or around 300 miles is what I'd prefer, especially on the 990. These guys on the GS's can do a lot more in more comfort than I can. With taller gearing, cushy seat, good fairing and street tires it's a LOT more bearable.
  4. Eric Hall

    High Sierra 2018

    Ooh! #foodporn
  5. Eric Hall

    IDBDR Aug 2018

    I could go on and on about group rides but just two more things. One is pace. It's important for a ride leader or the larger pack of faster riders not to get too far ahead of the tail of the group. It's essentially a matter of how far do you want to have to ride back on the trail to find the rest of your group? I think we did a really good job of that this time but I've been guilty of that before by getting way too far ahead of the last rider. One guy was apologizing for his pace and it was totally unnecessary as he was barely 2-3 minutes behind us. Not a big deal at all. If you do happen to be a slower rider then you should absolutely go at your own pace and never feel shamed by anyone else for being the last guy. Another is having GPS, having the tracks and knowing how to use them. People get separated and sometimes we make wrong turns so it's very important when you're in the middle of nowhere to be able to see if you're on the right path or not. One guy I was with on another trip had some of the tracks but they were corrupted and usually halfway through the day he'd say "my tracks are gone." But too often we get riders who just want to follow and don't even bother and that's when you get problems. If you're a noob then that's understandable but if you've been riding more than a year then there's no reason you should still be GPS-phobic.
  6. Eric Hall

    Best Small Tents?

    Loving my Galaxi 2p also from NEMO but would love to try this Kunai (click for review) next. It's a bit smaller and packs super small!
  7. Eric Hall

    High Sierra 2018

    Really happy to have Rob Dabney and @Sharif Massoud with ADVPulse come out to High Sierra! Rob's a super great guy who's taught me quite a bit about riding and the industry and it's just good to have people like him and Sharif there, trust me. Head over to ADVPulse and tell a friend! About 20 spots left.
  8. Eric Hall

    The New BMW R1250 GS

    Not sure what to say here. It's essentially the same platform with 9% more power and about 2% more weight. My questions would be: Will this make the GS better off-road, worse or no different? Can we be certain the stanchions are truly fixed? What will this new weight and hp mean for the vulnerable drive shaft?
  9. Eric Hall

    The New BMW R1250 GS

    New details out today on this new bike: basically variable valve timing system, added 11lbs, raising the power to exactly 100kW (that’s 136PS or 134.1hp). That compares to 92kW (125PS or 123.3hp) for the existing R1200GS.
  10. Eric Hall

    Rally computer / dashboard

    Wish I had an answer for you but just am not familiar with this. I do think highly of the Trail Tech Voyager though. And I've used an ICO computer for rally raid racing but I think you're looking for something else.
  11. Eric Hall

    High Sierra 2018

    59 so far! Will have tracks up soon too.
  12. Eric Hall

    Motoz Tires

    Ah so apparently even though the new tire is called Rallz they pronounce it “Rallys.”
  13. Eric Hall

    Motoz Tires

    I got a set of the new Rallz tires and will put them on the 990 for the upcoming High Sierra ride and then the KTM Rally. Did a brief side by side on our Instagram feed a moment ago...
  14. Eric Hall

    Moab late September or early October

    If it's right after the KTM Rally Sept 14-16 I could join you on the way back
  15. Eric Hall

    Moab late September or early October

    Sounds like fun!