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  1. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    That's really impressive how many riders were there to help in Mexico! And I asked Chad to do a post here on the AngelJourneys project so I can help publicize that. Also excited about some plans for India we discussed!
  2. Video from Carl at ADVMoto
  3. You may have seen me post these at our IG feed and/or the AIMExpo thread in ride reports but I thought I'd also put it here. Bridgestone is out with a brand-new adventure bike tire called the Battlax Adventurecross AX41. A mouthful huh? I don't really know much about them but the response seems mostly positive with some comments indicating a negative history with their old tires, the Battlewings or "death wings" as they've been called. They look pretty good to me as far as a 40/60 (street/dirt) tire and resemble both the Karoo 3 and Anakee Wild. From their brochure: Designed specifically with the Adventure enthusiast in mind. This 40/60 Adventure tire is the perfect compliment to your modern Adventure motorcycle, and delivers uncompromising performance both on and off road. The BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 offers improved off-road traction from a new pattern design, compound and high cross sectional area. The new compound, pattern design, and block wall angle optimization have improved the durability of the AX41. The new Anti-Irregular Wear Block has improved the performance on road by reducing block deformation due to step wear. New Durable Compound. New Pattern Design. Larger Diameter Design. New Block Profile Design. Front sizes: 100/90-19, 110/80-19, 120/70-19, 90/90-21 Rear sizes: 140/80-17, 150/70/17, 170/60-17, 150/70-18, 130/80/17. All sizes Q speed rated. Front load ratings are 54-60 and rear are 65-72. No indication whether tubeless or tube type but I'm guessing both. Edit: They're saying tubeless and can also run tubes so I guessed correctly. No word on pricing (yet) but they're saying "competitive" so hopefully not more than $300 for a set. They're saying shipping in January '19 to dealers so to the rider in Feb.
  4. Eric Hall

    7th Annual High Sierra Rally

    BMW Riders Association magazine is called On The Level or OTL and featured High Sierra in this article
  5. Eric Hall

    Baja Rally 2018

    Final: Tough race this year with the hurricane. Garrett Poucher said he “lost his focus” and went off track which says a lot because he’s such a great navigator and still finished well. Skyler wins it all (of course). Can’t wait to see he and Garrett go to Dakar and do well. Scotty Bright finished 10th which tells you how tough this year was. Even Rick Hatswell finished 20th and he’s a machine. Our sole xladv brother Todd Zacker finished 29th which is still respectable. I noticed he replaced his front tire after knobs were coming off. Not sure why. He was running GoldenTyre’s.
  6. Removing Bridgestone/Firestone tires. I spoke with them at AIMExpo and they cleared it up. It was some story about some land in TN they set aside then prohibited any kind of motorsport recreation on. Turns out they did donate the land but then the agency (State of TN?) imposed those restrictions, not Bridgestone/Firestone. They used to to tire testing on the land and they're not allowed to do that anymore either! Beware who you give your land away to I guess is the lesson!
  7. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    Also heard (but not seen) of a new 1200 scrambler bike from Triumph coming out soon. Triumph also had some pretty cool OEM gear on display too that I know Kamrad would like [emoji23].
  8. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    Heard a very intriguing story of industrial sabotage on a prominent new product that had to be re-designed or fixed because the departing designer had basically intentionally ruined the design right before he left. The company then made an entire production run and went to market with a flawed product and have had to go back now and recall everything and do it over again. I can’t say who/what it is for legal reasons but I bet that guy will never work in the industry again! [emoji23] That’s the kind of inside baseball stuff you hear st an industry event like AIMExpo. The keynote speaker was a very interesting guy from the Dept of Interior who gave a very optimistic and intriguing account of everything they’re doing to change the tone of our public lands from one that hadnt been as open to OHV as it is now. Very refreshing to hear that.
  9. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    Lots of familiar faces and spoke with Moto-Skiveez who gave me their new sock to try out that is better for foot fatigue of standing on the pegs all day (pic shortly) I saw Cyclops and they have a cool new led turn signal system SENA was very busy and nice to stop in there to speak with their marketing manager Jay and saw Jocelyn Snow and a few others. I spoke with the Yamaha PR guy and he was nice but had absolutely zero for me on the T 700 World Concept bike. He says it’s simply still in development and that there may be more news coming at EICMA. Suzuki was meh and got some of their coloring books for Cameron’s class but come to find that Tristan did the artwork for it and they deleted his artistic signature! He wasn’t happy. Harley was there but no Pan America concept bike. Motoz was there and I got to meet the Australian owner named Rick and was really fun to get to talk with him. They have a lot of innovation coming out including a tubed Tractionator Adventure for smaller tires that fit the XR 650, Husky 701 and KTM 690.
  10. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    Also the 450L which you’ve seen already but still cool
  11. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    Honda had a big presence (KTM a no-show) so most of the pics were Honda’s. This is a new color way for the AT that most seemed to like on IG Their new Monkey Bike The old monkey bike And new Cub
  12. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    So highlight was probably this new tire from Bridgestone, the Battlax Adventurecross AX41 and is a 40/60 street/dirt tire that comes in most Adv bike sizes like 18” and 17” rear and 21” and 19” front I thought this was a new tire I heard of last year but turns out that was from Dunlop and is out in maybe another 6 months. The brand manager impressed me because he actually follows me on Instagram and knew who I was [emoji23] Seems like a decent tire and I’d love to try it out to see what kind of traction and longevity it has. Seems to be up against like the TKC-80, Karoo 3, Kenda Big Block, Shinko 804/805 and maybe the Anakee Wild.
  13. Eric Hall

    Baja Rally 2018

    Baja Rally is underway! Skyler Howe’s won both the prologue as well as yesterday’s SS1. Todd Zacker is the lone Adv entrant on his KTM 1090 and appears to be doing well. This is Colton Udall’s first time and he’s doing very well, although he’s on a 450 and I thought he was going to be racing the Africa Twin. prologue results Here’s SS1 results Not sure what happened to my buddy Kent Choma though. Doesn’t show him finishing SS1.
  14. Eric Hall

    AIMExpo 2018

    @Bryan Bosch and I and a few others are headed to AIMExpo in Vegas. Should be a fun time. I'll but sure to post up some pics. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask the OEM's and other gear mfg's, please let me know!
  15. Eric Hall

    Should Zion National Park be Charging a "Toll?"

    I spoke with a legislative analyst for one of the major off road advocacy groups and was told I may be onto something here. They suggested I contact an experienced land use attorney (and subsequently recommended one) to write an amicus curiae (friend of the court) letter basically pointing out prior precedents (2014 Hatter decision) and suggesting NPS review their procedures here to see if there's a better way to manage traffic in the parks such as a reduced rate for those just passing through (on public roadways) or perhaps a voucher for a later free visit or money off an annual pass or something like that. If it was a lower rate like $12 or they said I could buy an annual pass for $30 off or even if the gate ranger was less of a twit, I'd have felt much better about the whole thing. I don't want to clog up Zion (or Yosemite, Glacier, Crater Lake, etc..) but there might be a better solution out there.