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  1. Just hit 80k!
  2. Update here where the couple gives their side (still not sure what the officers' side is) saying they had a flat rear and were stuck, mistaken identity, they were no threat to the officers and were just fired upon for no reason. I think the Sherriff and BLM have a lot of questions to answer. Also, this "reporter" seems to have slightly less than a high school education from all the spelling and grammar problems in the article.
  3. Story here basically has a BLM officer(s) shooting a woman passenger of a side by side out at Berdoo Canyon over the weekend. Lots of questions, finger pointing etc... Update: Someone named Tylyn Blalock posted (heresay at this point) on the Desert Heat FB page: "This was my father and his wife who were riding in same area with friends. These cops were chasing someone else lost them and hid in the desert. My father was broken down with no wheel coming down the mountain.. BLM and Park Rangers ambushed them, had the wrong people, with no lights, no sirens, no warnings.. my parents had their hands up and they shot at the razor. Shots buzzed by my father and hit his wife as he watched her bleed all over the place. They detained him for over 12 hours and wouldn’t tell me a thing. They have been trying to cover it up ever since!" Then this: Attorneys are involved and have speaking with my father and wife all morning! They are okay and staying in the hospital until further notice! The surgeon was able to reattach her index finger and stitch her head. We don’t know the mobility of the hand just yet! Thank you for all your concerns! We will be going after them do not worry!" So at this point it's still not clear exactly what happened until I can see a news source updating the facts.
  4. Once again it's @isaac doing an amazing job at Erzberg on his F800GS
  5. @michnus at that point I was kind of running out of items that I typically bring but I have found the axe to be handy for use as a hammer for tent stakes and to make kindling from wood I bought at a local town or dead fall. Mine has a plastic or nylon handle and isn't that heavy. I don't take it with me all the time though but always when car camping. @motochefarwi it packs really flat and it's kind of a treat to be able to grill a steak you found at a local town like when riding a BDR or something. Most times you're done riding about 3 pm, go to a town for groceries/beer, get to campground and set up your grill, etc... You know how many friends you make when you have good food to share
  6. Our buddy Eli over at BikeBandit put this piece together on the top 10 moto camping essentials. Okay, he might have had some help
  7. Vasilisa has been on few local tv programs getting her story out. And her story's been picked up now by ADVWomenRiders so I'm optimistic she will get the help she needs to continue her trip.
  8. We're up to about $1700 now on the GoFundMe page. Vasilisa is going to try to get back to Rurre from La Paz, get her bike, say her goodbyes to friends and then head on her way. I think her Honda Tornado should just be left and she should get another similar bike. @MotorradAngels has done a lot to get her plugged into their network their in Bolivia and beyond. Wolfman Luggage also stepped up with $100 donation.
  9. Did you finally sell your oilhead?
  10. So a quick review of all things @MotorradAngels related... We raised $3k for Motorrad Angels at our Mojave event They're helping out Vasilisa Kamarova in Bolivia get back on her journey They're in Guatemala right now helping out with the volcanic eruption chaos and brought about 360 masks with them from Mexico
  11. Cant wait to get back up there!
  12. Here she is!
  13. Contest winner! I suspect the OP got his daughter to do the dance for him as lots of kids are doing the floss dance online. Just barely edged out this one
  14. I had the GSA which came with aux lights so I wired the harness from the Rigid lights I got into that so it would work off a switch. You have a GS so I'd recommend wiring it off something like the headlight wire if you can, or any other you can find that is live when the key is on. But include an in line fuse ~5 amps and add a switch. I suck at wiring and have had @SeaWolfe help me countless times with that stuff. Not sure how long those lights will last though. I've had luck with Rigid and Cyclops and I know many people use Clearwater Lights and love them too.