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  1. Im wondering if this is a pattern? Apparently, BMW Motorrad used a photo belonging to Tim Burke not only without his permission but against his explicit wishes they not use his work without some kind of payment. I'm just a rider and amateur photographer and would be thrilled to have BMW use mine. I know they've used @Was.Once.There's a few times. But Tim's a professional photographer and he's invested quite a bit of time and money into his craft and this trip of his is about documenting that and finding a way through that to pay his bills. What's even more interesting is that is wasn't just a regular post of theirs, but one they've put money against to boost on Instagram. Instagram charges up to around $12 cpm so you can bet BMW put some money into this one; for the sake of boosting their brand and business. I'm wondering if this was an oversight on their part or part of a pattern? What would you do in his shoes? I'd send them a bill!
  2. Live results here! As well as a map that tracks the event here Scott Bright appears to be the leader after days 1 and 2
  3. @Ballisticexchris yeah it might be that point at 3:20 where I dropped into it then stalled it.
  4. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I think I meant 70/30
  5. That's it! the Dominator Comp, not the Predator. my bad
  6. Yeah the predators are much more sturdy but when I injured my achilles, I got something even sturdier on the back side because my BMW boot was essentially the Forma Predator.
  7. Yeah what @Bryan Bosch said. I injured my achilles wearing the BMW Rallye 3 boots (Forma Predator) and went to Gaerne SG12 and now A-stars Tech 10. You really need the max protection with these big bikes and Forma's adv boot is one I'd stay away from.
  8. New one to me
  9. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I like that tire a lot for 60/40 use and the price. I did a review on those last year. But for as much dirt as I do, I really prefer the 70/20 Motoz Tractionator Adventure. I think Motoz should consider a 60/40 block knob tire too but I have no idea if they'll make one.
  10. This is my reason I haven't really used my hammock but it is nice for taking an afternoon nap and a place to recline at camp. I've used it at Overland Expo quite a bit.
  11. Video from the ride...
  12. It's MAGNIFICENT! Isnt it?
  13. I thought this was an interesting video from Outdoor Vitals on the comparison of hammocks to tents Pros and Cons to a Hammock Sleep System Pros - Superior Comfort (In my opinion.) - Consistency - Faster setup & Take down - Easier setup & Take down in bad weather - No condensation - Better suited for day napping - More space because you can pitch your tarp high, low ,etc Cons - Need a place to hang - Less Shelter - Bad weather can be worse - Need a beanie / face mask Pros and Cons to a Ground Sleep System Pros - Tents are better suited for bad weather - You can spread out on long Nights (winter months) - Retain a little more warmth inside a tent body Cons - Longer setup / take down times - Finding the right spot / getting stakes in can be tricky - You must avoid rocks and sloped ground - Tents are harder to keep clean because they're in the dirt - Condensation can build up within a tent.
  14. I wasn't this time but will get out there soon. I most want to simply look at the size of the group campground. I can see it in Google Earth but Im having to tell people not to bring their toy haulers or RV's because I'm afraid there's not enough room. If I could get out there I could better gauge what the space is and parking options. It's entirely possible the equestrian area will not be occupied and we could use that as overflow parking. We'll see.
  15. yeah that's Hole in the Wall we can stay Thu night and the the group campground is like a half mile east of there across the road.