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  1. Thanks for that. I've since been there 4 times and headed back next week. I know elephant, endurolandia, epico moto. All good groups.
  2. It's official so it gets it's own thread now! Pricing $9999 and availability are out (May/June '20). And some specs!
  3. Thanks but I think they have it covered now. Look at the weather forecast though. Seems like great for traction but enough rain Wed to cause a few minor washouts so be careful
  4. Here at IMS where Yamaha announced something long awaited: $9999 and avail in late May/early June, 2020 Got to meet Nick Sanders
  5. @Camel ADV just posted this video in the dunes with what looks like Goldentyre tires on. Seems to perform well!
  6. BigTodd just sent this email out I will excerpt here: XLADV Crew It’s official, the D37 crew has agreed to add Adventure Bike routes into this year’s LA-Barstow-Vegas Dual Sport event. Unfortunately it wasn’t able to work out this year for the route Eric proposed. The good news is that there will be ADV Options diverting from the regular route for both days. These options have been added to the GPS files. The better news is that Both Day 1 and 2 may be the easiest LAB2V route in a long time. If there was a perfect year to run a big ADV bike for the event, this is the year. @Trailzrider came out for some route proofing last week and was a great help in working out some of the ADV Options and go arounds. There are 2 spots on Day 1 that the ADV Options are far enough from the regular route that D37 is requesting a sweep team be available to cover those sections. John, if you are still open to provide a Jeep sweep on those 2 sections that would be great. The D37 team will have SWEEP identification for you as well as radio frequencies on Friday at the Palmdale start. All, please let me know about your participation and if there are any other XLADV peeps that might be able to help out.
  7. I'm trying to move that to Jan/Feb because the ADVRally moved theirs from Sep to Nov and messed us up. We had just 13 people last time lol.
  8. @Camel ADV got their hands on a T700 and imported it from Canada and had it at the ADVRally this past weekend. Didn't get to ride it but did sit on it and heard a lot from @Spencer Hill. From what I recall it has great low end power, can tractor well. Suspension could use some help. Plenty of power thanks to the lower weight.
  9. Kamrad went Hollywood on us
  10. Well it hasn't been easy but it looks like there just might be an ADV route after all. I went through a lot of work to put what I think is an epic one together and had the help of Jimmy Lewis and got a permit for it to transverse the Mojave National Preserve. For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, they may just go with another simpler route that follows their dual sport route pretty closely. They may have been concerned with having two support/recovery/EMT teams or something, not sure. Their final meeting was last night and I think they may have come to a conclusion. The other route was put together by a friend of mine (BigTodd) and he says it's very doable on a big bike and I trust his judgement. Perhaps they can use the route I came up with next year? This did make me realize though that I'd like to do an event of my own that isn't LAB2V at all (nor the same weekend) but an event that has the to and from portions be mostly dirt and be the main part of the event itself. Something like Death Valley via dirt and back. You'd have to ride the course with all your gear you need to camp and eat on your bike, camp overnight then ride back via dirt. I have tracks from basically Adelanto to Death Valley and back.
  11. Westen finally put a video up of what looks like Wyman Creek
  12. @Dennis Godwin is of advanced years now and can't be bothered with these "fancy jim-jams" known as the interwebs lol
  13. If that's the shock made by Tractive I have to say it's of high quality. You have to realize that as a bigger guy on a bigger bike riding like you do (lol) there's not many shocks that can stand up to that. I got Wilbers on my old GSA and blew those out (broke at clevis) then got TFX and quickly used up the telelever shock.
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