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  1. that's great you found a solution with Wunderlich America. Ed Plam from there will be at High Sierra and is an event sponsor
  2. ozone

    That's really interesting. I have a colloidal silver spray I use for that too.
  3. Unfortunately we're limited here in the States. We can't fly drones in any national parks or monuments, many State parks and not within 5 miles of an airport.
  4. Not a recall but a service bulletin...
  5. Those o-rings are an easy fix. I think @beemer bunny did it on hers too
  6. Budget update... I have $2253 spent and $650 raised so a balance of -$1603. Hoping shirt sales (starting around July 17) will offset most of the rest but feel free to donate to the cause if you like PayPal to fudgypup at Thanks!
  7. Too bad I don't speak German
  8. This is the video I put together from covering last year's Baja Rally. Excited to be actually racing it this time. Truly a dream. Realmente un sueño
  9. All this attention on BMW's forks and KTM's new 1090 and 1290 and look what we forgot?! Yuge thread on the AT's problems over at AOLrider
  10. @Steve_Kamrad put this great video together on the Rally Nav class BAJA RALLY™ puts on. He's Hollywood now so doesn't have much time anymore so I figured I'd post it up Immabout to do this in a just a few short weeks so it helps me get an idea for what's in store.
  11. Fine with me 'cause I'm 193! I think everyone realizes this is just a concept bike and the real one they launch will be more ridable by the masses if also not more boring.
  12. No announcement from BMW Motorrad USA yet
  13. so you have no rear brake now?
  14. Or not so well
  15. The recall notice I saw said 16 but I think they were the first 16 units delivered back in 2013. This was April, 2013