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  1. We were at pit 9 and the mood was very somber because of an accident that had just occurred. Very sad to report the death of a rider, Chris Carlisle. RIP
  2. They can't make it but will have certificates for tires in the raffle
  3. Ken is too modest but the unofficial results show that he is the furthest solo amateur Iron Man to complete the race at 300 miles. There were only three solo riders who finished and they were all pro class!
  4. Ken is calling it at pit 9 mile 300. He's wiped out and his rear wheel is toast. He lost too many spokes and one is in the sprocket.
  5. Good news: Ken is fine. He came up on a quad/truck accident and used his spot for the injured quad rider.
  6. So Ken's wife Kristen just called us to tell us that Ken must've pushed his emergency button. So we're going back to pit number eight where he is just shy of to see if we can help get an extraction going. Kristen said she talk to the spot rescue people and they told her that they've been in touch with the race organizers and the race organizers are on their way to the scene
  7. He says he saw Moshe broke down on his 1190R at mile 185 [emoji20]
  8. Ken's feeling tired. He's drank enough but maybe not enough food. Not too hot here luckily. Trophy trucks just came through pit 6. #maga Saw 556baller and gf Tiff Met some cute girl racers too! [emoji7]
  9. I'll go through pit number three. Ken says he had a high side and bruised his hip but he's OK
  10. Ricky Brabec in #1 spot at pit #3 on the team Honda rally bike
  11. All dressed up and nowhere to go! Just waiting at pit #3 at Lida junction near an abandoned whore house [emoji23] Ken turned on his SPOT but didn't activate the tracking so I will fix that when he comes through
  12. We got into Beatty last night at about 10:15 PM. Up early this morning at 4:30 and just saw Ken off at the starting line. We are on our way to pit number three to meet him
  13. Initial impressions... so admittedly this new bike is a lot to take in. The DCT poses a challenge as does the traction control, gravel modes, abs modes and drive modes. It's something that will take time to figure how which mode works best in which circumstances. I'm primarily interested in seeing how this does in the dirt and how I can best access the right gear for what I want to accomplish. I really want to master these new features because I hate when people diss something and it turns out they were doing it wrong or didn't understand how it's supposed to work. But sure enough, when I went to pull out I reached for that "clutch" lever (it's a parking brake). It's like riding a scooter! You just twist and go!
  14. And the full video of picking up the AT yesterday at Honda's hq in Torrance, CA.
  15. Short video I posted on FB earlier. Longer one uploading to YouTube now