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  1. Another one from Hing Yeung of HKStudios
  2. Nishant Verma just posted this one from the stage four beach start. That's when I was praying my rear tire would hold.
  3. at first my goal was to just get people aware of #xladv and now I do appreciate people using the tag. I'm less likely to repost someone who's not using that tag. Now I just think (and hope) that it's more a generic tag that simply means big adventure bike. Like #advrider doesn't necessarily belong to the forum as they're not even on IG; it just means adventure rider (generic).
  4. I don't get any notifications from IG. I see how that would be annoying.
    My favorite irons, period. They're lightweight and work well in breaking the bead, even on the big bike rear tires. Use of some kind of liquid often helps but they'll be coaxed off with some patience with these.
  5. Dude you did great!
  6. Thanks! We've certainly had some great rides together. Hope we get to do it again soon.
  7. I don't check that often but I did start culling people I follow if I found they weren't using the #xladv hashtag. That may sound harsh but last year I realized it was more a one way street and I wanted to just focus on those who were on the forum already to reinforce a sense of community here, not on IG. That being said, I do find a lot of people using my hashtag I'm NOT following so I'm trying to do a better job of adding people. Interestingly, round about a month ago our hashtag count exceeded our follower count. I don't really follow many pages outside moto save for the cute girl here or there I want to impress
  8. We have one Nov 3-5 in Death Valley
  9. updated results but they got my time wrong; they have my stage 4 finish time the same as Wes's which is obviously not possible
  10. Sorry for the delay. I think any of those would be fine as long as you describe up front what you're doing. Of course you can always do a build thread in the BMW forum then your ride report over there with a link back to you build thread if you want.
  11. There was some other Irv Seaver shop ride there the same weekend so we kind of combined forces. I didn't mind in the slightest as they are already our kind of people.
  12. One thing I'd do in my mind as I was going through the issues of getting myself out of that ditch as well as the tire problems is imagine if everyone else was riding same bike as I was that I'd be much higher in the finishing order lol
  13. The FB event page says 14 going with 51 interested. I honestly don't care how many come because it's just an unstructured kind of ride. I think we had about 35 last year but I'm not pushing it that much this time.