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  1. Eric Hall

    Tips for disperse camping in Big Bear area

    Here we go
  2. Eric Hall

    Tips for disperse camping in Big Bear area

    That's a great question and I seem to recall posting a thread here in the SW thread about a book that lists all the best camping spots in CA. Search for "camping" and I'm sure you'll find it. I will look myself. As for Big Bear camping spots, I have only stayed at Crab Flats. It's not exactly "wild" camping though.
  3. Eric Hall

    Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars

    @Allrpm i was going to say write a review here then I checked to see I haven't written my own yet!
  4. Eric Hall

    8th Annual High Sierra Rally

    Good call! I have a few myself. Have to purchase before they close the store at 6 but I should have some extra if you need one.
  5. Eric Hall

    New 60/40 Adventure Tire from Dunlop?

    An update on this new tire. I actually saw it back in December but I still can't share anything new about it, even its name. But there is a launch date of Oct 9! I get to attend the launch here in SoCal. One of our members got to test them out on his GS in Baja and he reports to like them quite a bit.
  6. This sounds cool! Cerro Gordo has been deserted for a hundred years. This millennial bought it for $1.4 million
  7. Sorry to have to say this but have to add Nemo Equipment to the list of companies supporting groups like The Conservation Alliance in shutting down responsible vehicular access to our public lands. These nutjobs at CA are even against mountain bikes. "human powered exploration only." No thanks, I'll buy my tent, bag, pad and pillow from Outdoor Vitals.
  8. Eric Hall


    Not really Instagram but the topic of sponsorship has been talked about more here than elsewhere. Here's a good lesson on what NOT to do. This TwoDuro group is listing a "hall of shame" of companies who failed to appreciate their "brilliance." You can translate the content in your browser or just scroll down and see the names of the companies they explain for various reasons how bad they are and how you must stay away from them. Wow. Just wow. h/t @michnus
  9. Eric Hall

    KTM 790 Adventure Problems

    Apparently there’s been a few suspension problems reported with this guy getting stuck at the Arctic Circle and no parts coming until September!
  10. Eric Hall

    Review of the new CRF1000L Adventure Sports Model

    And another review of the same bike by Rob Dabney of ADVPulse. It is a year later but he does mention it's a "2018" model. Great review still. It seems Rob's bike didn't have knobbies though. bummer!
  11. absolutely! softer compounds with less longevity often mean much better traction
  12. Again, sample of one but this guy posted about this tire vis a vis a Tractionator Adventure. Apples/oranges maybe but the bottom line seems to be a point on longevity. Great comments too, in particular one from @Manybikes
  13. Eric Hall

    Motoz Tires

    Checkout this guy's comments on the front tire photo... danedeboer. I think he's confusing me with someone else because he seems to be saying that because I said "no wobble" then I'm somehow acknowledging that the old ones (that did wobble) caused his crash in the sand?!! He actually did say that I had told him that (I didn't) and that I don't know what I'm talking about. We did talk but it was about risers, not tires (I still have the conversation records). I did leave one comment on a photo of his he posted about the tires and I said "you're going to like those." I told him if someone did indeed tell him it wasn't the Motoz tires that caused his accident that I would have to agree! I've fallen in sand many times but it was due to my lack of skill, not tires. The old MKII's did have a noticeable wobble for me but on pavement around 70 mph and it went away after the first 100 miles. The Desert HT's also wobbled a bit and bothered me on the way back from IDBDR last year but never off road. Any dirt biassed knobby tire on a heavy adventure bike is going to wobble. Even my nobbies on the CRF450x at 65 mph on the highway wobbled. That's what nobbies do. Perhaps he can enlighten us on what he was trying to say but from the look of his feed it doesn't look like he has a lot of experience riding big bikes off road so I'm going to have to stick with my original hypothesis. lol
  14. Eric Hall

    Motoz Tires

    Update on the RallZ... Got about 7k miles out of them! I thought they'd be similar to the Adventure where I got 5500 off the rear. Front was too gone to continue as well. Like I had thought before, these RallZ are like the Adventures turned up to 11. They start with an extra mm of tread too. And the rear
  15. Eric Hall

    NOOB living in Vegas

    Welcome! I'm trying to put together a more tame adventure route for LAB2V this year so hopefully you'll like it!