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  1. Eric Hall

    TrailTech Voyager Pro

    I'm really not that stupid but I did find it hard to decipher how to load tracks so I thought I'd put together this video. The instructions simply listed a series of what seemed to be menu hierarchy commands: Screens > Map > Tracks > Load GPX but when I looked at the main menu I found nothing saying Screens or Maps. Figured out they mean you should actually switch to the Map screen then click the three dots on the lower left of the screen and you'll see a sub menu pop up. Touch "Tracks" and then you'll see the option to load tracks. Just pop your MicroSD card in to the side and you're ready to upload tracks!
  2. Since I first did this post I've had a LOT of pushback; most of which has been knee-jerk politically motivated stuff. But once or twice a few riders have made some excellent points about not just choosing who you buy your kit from but actually DOING something more constructive which is getting involved in the greater community. Get to know your local groups, BLM, etc... so you have not just a voice in what's done with the trails you like to ride but an active participant in keeping things working well and going smoothly.
  3. Eric Hall

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    I got the opportunity to go to the AMA D37 meeting last night with all the LAB2V committee there and it was really something! Met a lot of great people who've been there since the event started (35 years)! I already knew three of them and saw a few other familiar faces. The agenda was basically going over what worked well and what didn't from the most recent event. The topic of big bikes came up and it triggered quite the discussion! I'm pleased to say though that they are extremely excited about offering an adventure bike route and very welcoming of "our kind." We did address the pushback some have voiced but they were clear that the AMA D37 welcomes adventure bike riders. What was really cool was a few of the old timers told stories of basically "when I first did the route in '84 I was on a 650L and had no idea what I was doing! The sweep was pushing me all day and I went out there with no tubes, no pump, etc..." The point was that we all start somewhere and that this event has always been a significant milestone and accomplishment for many people in their riding careers. That being said, I'm going to be spending a lot of time talking about preparation for this event for the average rider. I'll talk about practice, training, bike prep and what the big bike rider can expect. This isn't going to be a "Starbucks" ride either. It's the Mojave desert and even something we create for the big bikes is going to have its own series of challenges. I haven't ridden the southern portion of the CA BDR yet but I'm told it's actually quite challenging. This route will be similar I'm sure.
  4. Eric Hall

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    Was not able to make the ride this weekend. My son had a volleyball tournament that I thought was Sat so I scheduled the ride for Sunday. Then I find out late that the tournament is actually Sunday so I had to bail but I think 4-5 still showed. It was Nich, @Trailzrider, @Bip Schkaboden, Rick Giroux and Drew. I heard that long straight road north was sprayed down with what smelled like sewage. I heard there were a lot of deep puddles from the rain and then a rock field over by Inscription Canyon but not too bad.
  5. Don’t you just love that propaganda? “Thrillcraft” [emoji23]
  6. Eric Hall

    The New BMW R1250 GS

    I got to see both the new 1250 GS AND GS Adventure yesterday at Irv Seaver BMW in Orange, CA. Devin (one of their sales guys) gave us his initial impressions and I will try and recall them to the best of my ability... He says at first it was difficult to tell the difference between the previous version but once he got on the throttle as well as the highway it because immediately apparent. This bike obviously has more total power but he says it has a much better bottom end now and will better lay down that power in ways the previous model wouldn't let you (with the traction control, etc...). He says it still has traction control but you don't necessarily feel the power cut out like you used to. He mentioned when Ducati first came out with variable valve timing that there was a pause or flat spot in the torque curve you could feel as the engine made those adjustments and he says this new GS has none of that; you won't feel any adjustment whatsoever. He says the previous model felt very good between 70-80 mph on the highway but pushing it to 90-100 and it didn't feel as planted. He says this new one feels good at 90 and will easily hit 120 although he says he's not going to attempt that (cough: liar). He says with the previous engine you could hear the engine at speed but this new one when you're up to cruising speed and the cam assist shifts into low that the engine is almost silent. He said 3rd gear wheelies are quite easy although I know the previous model would do that too. I obviously have a dirt bias and he really had nothing to offer here which is fine. The GS is such a great bike on the road. It's hard to ignore that.
  7. Eric Hall

    2018 Ken Mooty Memorial/CORVA Fundraiser

    @WADE-O Potato we have three events here in SoCal I do. Mojave first weekend in May, High Sierra Labor Day Weekend and this Death Valley event first weekend in Nov (may change that next year due to ADV Rally in Julian pulling riders away). Mojave and High Sierra are for @MotorradAngels and the DV one is for CORVA. We could always add an event. @Ben Wood wants to do an event in Oregon which I think is a great idea. It would be up to him who he wants to dedicate that to. I'm sure there are similar off-road advocacy groups up there he can pick from. I'll have to start thinking about another event! I'm working on a pretty exciting one now but it may not be the right one for CORVA right now.
  8. Eric Hall

    990 Adventure VS 990 Supermoto engine

    Wish I could help you there
  9. Eric Hall

    KTM Rally 2018 Park City, UT

    Another video from Jordan who won the competition. I got to meet him last Sunday out in the desert at the Husky monument
  10. Eric Hall

    LAB2V 2019 Adventure Route

    Not that we know yet. It's basically Palmdale to Barstow then Barstow to Vegas and has to share the same lunch/gas stop as the other routes which we don't know yet. Will most likely hit points of interest like Husky monument, petroglyphs, crash sites, dry lake beds, etc...
  11. Eric Hall

    Motoz Tires

    Kyle Bradshaw from Chapparal reviews the RallZ tire. I'd review mine but they're not worn out yet! lol
  12. Eric Hall

    Post your XL offroad photos

    @Ride200mi nice bike!
  13. Eric Hall

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    This is how a big bike should be ridden and epitomizes the GS brand which stands for gelande/strasse (dirt/street). @Isaac Feliu is the best!
  14. Eric Hall

    TrailTech Voyager Pro

    My go-to wiring guy, @SeaWolfe, helped me (once again) wire up the Voyager Pro today. We connected it pretty much the same place as the Garmin Montana (now for sale) that we put on about a year ago. I decided to go ahead and try to install the tachometer wire even though I already have a tach display on the main panel, just to see what it looks like. It's essentially just a wire you loop around the spark plug wire and tape but in the case of the 990, it has a coil over the plug. They suggested I go ahead and wrap it around the lowest point of that coil and tape but said they won't guarantee that will work. They were right! It worked for a while but showed half the actual RPMs as my main tach and then quit working after about 20 min. No big deal because like I said, I already have a tach. This more for a dirt bike anyways where you're replacing your main display. I'm not replacing mine in this case so no worries. I'm going to start fiddling with the unit to get more familiar with how it works and see if there's any firmware upgrades I have to do. I need a micro-SD card and have to format it a certain way (EXFat or something like that). I'll be riding this weekend so I'm going to try and upload a gpx track and see how easy it is to load and follow. More Sunday...
  15. Eric Hall

    TrailTech Voyager Pro

    @ToddMac Is that Martin Hackworth? We're social media friends. I'll ask him. Jimmy Lewis did a cool video with Klim on his experience on the Tour of Idaho.