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    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Now that we have an official launch at EICMA this bike can have its own thread! The stats of the bikes side-by-side for both standard and R version
  2. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Fantastic video Jimmy Lewis just did on the 790 and was kind enough to answer my questions around the 30 min mark.
  3. Eric Hall

    GoldenTyre GT823

    So there's a new adventure tire coming out from GoldenTyre that will replace their 723 series. Apparently it's mostly wider spacing of knobs but it will be from a different compound and harder carcass so more durable with better traction. I hear it will be here in Oct of this year (2019).
  4. Eric Hall

    GoldenTyre GT823

    What I heard from GoldenTyre West today: "It is our new product to replace the GT723. It will debut in 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 this fall. It is a true radial not only in the construction, but also in the materials used for the layers."
  5. Eric Hall

    For Sale 2007 KTM 990 Adventure

    Is this also listed on Facebook?
  6. Eric Hall

    WABDR 2019

    That pie looks amazing!
  7. Eric Hall

    TrailForm Chameleon Backpack/Chair

    1 review

    The Chameleon Basic Bundle includes a fully functional 36-liter adventure travel bag that transforms into an ultra-light chair in seconds without needing to empty any contents. Finally you can sit down, relax and enjoy the view anytime, anywhere. As a chair, it supports up to 300-lbs and comes with a set of all-terrain, non-sinking feet for sand or mud so you don’t get stuck. Whether traveling the world, hiking a mountain trail, or cheering at your kid’s soccer game, the Chameleon Basic Bundle adapts to every adventure. Exterior 840 Denier TPU coated, abrasion/water resistant nylon designed to protect your gear. YKK Zippers lined with paracord because YKK matters Lashing/ compression buckles for attaching larger items Two large side cup holders will fit a 40 oz. hydration flask Hollow mesh back panel for laptop/ iPad storage, or storing shoulder straps /hip belt Included rain cover to keep your gear bone dry Minimum Weight: 3.2 lbs or 4.9 lbs (including chair frame and switch bags) Size: 13in x 7in x 22in (30cm x 17cm x 55cm) Interior Two 16 liter removable Switch Bags for organization and pre-packability Water bladder capability with massive interior bladder pocket and R and L hose exit holes 4 liter top compartment with mesh interior for visibility and breathability Two large interior mesh pockets for added storage Sit-System chair flap with a vinyl lined pole anchors built to last Two snap tabs with 4 snaps for quickly attaching or detaching Switch Bags A vinyl liner on bottom flap for durability to withstand abrasion and moisture Reinforced load-bearing seams to carry your gear and your butt Hip Belt & Shoulder Straps Contoured adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carry Adjustable Quick-fit Slider to customize the length of the shoulder straps to fit your height/ build D rings for attaching items Adjustable sternum strap with a whistle for comfort and security Shoulder strap buckles to un-clip and store shoulder straps for duffel mode Removable and storable hip belt A vinyl liner on bottom flap for durability to withstand abrasion and moisture Mini stretch-mesh hip belt pockets for convenience
  8. Eric Hall

    TrailForm Chameleon Backpack/Chair

    Happy to have had the opportunity to try this product out and give it a review here! You're looking at an award winning combination backpack/chair called the Chameleon from TrailForm. It's quite simply a backpack that can be transformed into a chair. It's not necessarily the type of backpack I'd wear for heavy off road riding but more to and from a campsite and/or rally. I used it at Overland Expo and found it extremely handy as the campground was a half mile from the exhibit area and walking back and forth a few times at altitude will really wear you out! So I was able to take my water, food, etc... with me as well as had a place to sit down during the day. I go to many hot springs and beaches too so it's a handy thing to have for occasions like that. It holds a hydration pack very well (suspended inside) with a hole to feed the drink tube. It has plenty of outside pockets as well as a top zipper compartment that also has a rain-proof cover should you need it. Overall, I think it's a well designed product made from tough, high quality materials. I got a lot of questions from people who saw it so I think TrailForm is onto something here.
  9. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Been hearing a lot of good things about the 790 lately from friends: “I don’t want to sound too excited but it’s everything I expected and then some. It feels like a big dirt bike, not so much a off-road street bike. Suspension is killer. Never did I feel a harsh bottom out. We averaged 54 mpg on the 650 miles we did. So range is really good. The electronics package has some cool options in Rally mode. We had 6 790’s on the trip, no issues.” “Only negative I can possible think of is that it wants to cruise at 75 on the highway (not really for me though as I hate the highway anyway and I’d be better off not getting tickets). It’s definitely set up to be a dirt bike. It’s smaller than the 1090, you would probably want to get a tall seat for sure and raise the bars.”
  10. I got to meet the crew from Rekluse at AIMExpo a few weeks ago and after talking with them about our project bike, they said they wanted to help out with one of their Adventure EXP auto-clutches! Unfortunately I'm new to the world of a Rekluse auto-clutch, so this will be a good learning experience for me. My lay understanding of the benefits are that it simply makes slow-speed maneuvering easier in that you don't have to worry about stalling. I'm told to just ride it and then it all becomes apparent Here's what their website has to say as to those benefits: prevents clutch-related engine stalls better low-speed maneuverability allows you to focus more on the scenery than the tough terrain utilizes Rekluse TorqDrive™ thin friction clutch pack for superior performance and durability (helps your clutch last longer) I should get it in the mail soon and hopefully have it installed in time for our Death Valley ride but definitely in time for the LAB2V. I'll post up installation pics and video soon... Anyone else have experience with Rekluse?
  11. Eric Hall

    XLADV Project Bike: Rekluse

    Rekluse has a blog article on how to maintain your auto clutch
  12. Eric Hall

    Jet Boil on Sale

    JetBoil contributes to groups shutting down responsible vehicular access to our public lands.
  13. Eric Hall

    KTM 1190 Frames Cracking

    I had seen this video of a frame on an 1190 cracking but then this past weekend, @Jason R's frame cracked at Mojave. Wondering if this has happened more widely?
  14. Eric Hall

    How are the Rallz's holding up?

    @ktm.mike.585 Yeah I'm at about 6k now and they're still going but I have a fresh set to put on anytime I want. Probably will go a full 12 months and replace right before our High Sierra event Aug 29. The RallZ appeared to be the same as the Adventures but not sure if the compound is given the extra miles I've been seeing. They do give you 1 extra mm of tread so that might explain it. GoldenTyre is great from what I've heard but have never run them. Did not know they were replacing the 723. Good to know. I will call Dax and see what we can learn about those.
  15. Testing this out now... It’s a small tracking device you can use to not only keep track of your stuff but with the ability to detect motion or even preset temperature levels (alert to freezing or heat). This is a prototype and not fully kitted out yet with all the bells and whistles but worked great as a tracker from an app you install on your phone. You can put it on your bike, your bags, panniers, whatever. "Protect all your things and spaces with the world's smallest on the go security system. Equipped with GPS, Bluetooth 5.1, motion lights, alarm siren and a rechargeable battery that holds up to 3 months on a single charge."
  16. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Rottweiler our with a fix for putting in an AntiGravity battery and saving about 4.5 lbs
  17. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Not sure but more here I hear it's $30k though! They say more info soon.
  18. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    New “Rally” limited edition! Only 500 units
  19. Eric Hall

    KTM 1290 Issues

    Plenty I've seen but this is the first video to start off this thread
  20. Eric Hall

    T 700 Review from Brake Magazine

    What do you think? [emoji23] Of course I have but never a rock a stock plate couldn’t handle. My hardest hits are from bottoming out, not rocks flying up.
  21. Eric Hall

    T 700 Review from Brake Magazine

    Llel Pavey just sent this over... his review of the T700! (click for entire review). "Fun, light, simple workhorse"
  22. Eric Hall

    Another New Guy

    Ah, I see from your other post you're in Eastvale. Consider our High Sierra Rally Aug 29!
  23. Eric Hall

    Another New Guy

    Welcome! Where are you from? Would love to see pics of the bike(s)
  24. Mosko had been working on this for a while and say they will have stock in about three weeks for sale. Clockwise from the blue Signal riding jersey ($59); Forcefield Pro Shirt ($279; meant to be worn under jacket); Basilisk jacket ($599) and pant ($499); Deluge rain suit with eVent material/pant combo where it can be worn over your pants or under your jacket for wind/rain protection ($299 jacket, $249 pant); Imbricate base layer (not shown; $39) with four way stretch and anti-microbial, seamless. The Basilisk pant comes with a really cool real leather belt called the Autotomous they also sell separately that I’d love to get my hands on ($?). My impression is that these are all top quality stuff. Mosko is known for soft luggage so why should we trust a new line of clothing? The answer seems to be in the years of r&d they’ve done and countless iterations. I tried on the Basilisk jacket and am very impressed. Great venting, packs light and small, super high end water proof and breathable fabrics, the best zippers, etc... Seems ideally suited for enduro much more than touring so small to big bike segments. I’m thinking kind of like if Klim and Leatt had a hot interlude at Burning Man and this is their hip post-modern love child [emoji23] MoskoMoto.com
  25. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Video from ADVPulse featuring Quinn Cody. Not much more here to see other than the suspension is supposedly very good and the center of gravity aided by the fuel tanks enhances the handling. A bit more on traction control but not much.