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    Overland Expo West 2019

    Who's going? This will be my 5th and I've always enjoyed myself. Tons of the best moto exhibitors and vendors along with some great 4wd overlanders as well! May 17-19 at Ft. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, AZ. Sign up here The new location at Ft. Tuthill is better than at Mormon Lake, imho. No charcoal bbqs! DAMHIK! Right, @Azure? 😂 @FeralCat2Wheels knows!
  2. Eric Hall

    KTM 1290 Issues

    Plenty I've seen but this is the first video to start off this thread
  3. 1 review

    Each Headlight Grille from Hepco & Becker is custom designed for each individual bike providing effective protection. These grilles are recommended for both off-road riding and regular street use to protect that expensive headlight. All Headlight Grilles come with instructions and are easy to install.
  4. You may have seen me post these at our IG feed and/or the AIMExpo thread in ride reports but I thought I'd also put it here. Bridgestone is out with a brand-new adventure bike tire called the Battlax Adventurecross AX41. A mouthful huh? I don't really know much about them but the response seems mostly positive with some comments indicating a negative history with their old tires, the Battlewings or "death wings" as they've been called. They look pretty good to me as far as a 40/60 (street/dirt) tire and resemble both the Karoo 3 and Anakee Wild. From their brochure: Designed specifically with the Adventure enthusiast in mind. This 40/60 Adventure tire is the perfect compliment to your modern Adventure motorcycle, and delivers uncompromising performance both on and off road. The BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 offers improved off-road traction from a new pattern design, compound and high cross sectional area. The new compound, pattern design, and block wall angle optimization have improved the durability of the AX41. The new Anti-Irregular Wear Block has improved the performance on road by reducing block deformation due to step wear. New Durable Compound. New Pattern Design. Larger Diameter Design. New Block Profile Design. Front sizes: 100/90-19, 110/80-19, 120/70-19, 90/90-21 Rear sizes: 140/80-17, 150/70/17, 170/60-17, 150/70-18, 130/80/17. All sizes Q speed rated. Front load ratings are 54-60 and rear are 65-72. No indication whether tubeless or tube type but I'm guessing both. Edit: They're saying tubeless and can also run tubes so I guessed correctly. No word on pricing (yet) but they're saying "competitive" so hopefully not more than $300 for a set. They're saying shipping in January '19 to dealers so to the rider in Feb.
  5. Eric Hall

    Key lose

    Try SOS Diagnostics from Oregon. They helped me
  6. Eric Hall

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    It's on! I just booked the same site for May 3-5 and will have all new tracks. Will post a registration link soon but expect the same $150 range with professional photography, two dinners and two breakfasts, firewood, beer, water Registration link Sponsors Sena Motoz Tires USA (Pacific Powersports) Kate's Real Food Maxima Racing Oils USA Clearwater Lights Nelson Rigg Happy Hour Wine Co Attendees [mention=1676]patbianchi[/mention] Nicholas Blewitt David Baccus Wayne Thompson Brad Clere Alex Schmauss Daniel Bartolucci Walker Arant Delf Hedde Denise Thienes Michael Knight Cosmin Ghioc @piambro Alexandru Casian Alexandru Guest 1 Alexandru Guest 2 Ken Weaver @Chris Owens Trissa Ayala Trissa Ayala Guest Anthony Villarreal Loren McGrew Loren Guest Stan Iordanov Wilhelmus Michaels @Rogers @motochefarwi Drew Smith Wendi Chatwood Tyler Godwin Lu Rosa Rick Giroux
  7. Eric Hall

    Michelin Anakee Adventure Tire

    new vid from Kamrad on this new tire
  8. New tire from Michelin out to fit as an 80/20 street/dirt tire in between their 90/10 street/dirt Anakee 3 (which I rode down in Colombia) and their Anakee Wild, a 60/40 dirt/street (they claim "50/50"; see more here). @Manybikes says it's kind of like the Metzeler Tourance and I'd have to agree. For the sometimes fire road but mostly pavement they seem like they'd be a great tire. Apparently this is the tire that comes on the new BMW 1250 GS.
  9. Yep. I destroyed both my rims on my '11 GSA doing LAB2V at about 21 psi. Very expensive mistake. After that I never went below 28 psi.
  10. I haven't ridden them so I can't say but I do know the TKC-80 sidewalls are nowhere near as stiff as I require for my riding
  11. Buddy of mine sent me these pics and suggests the rim damage comes from sidewalls that are too soft. This is from the KTM Adventure challenge in Park City
  12. Eric Hall

    Michelin Anakee Adventure Tire

    Yep. For an 80/20 street/dirt tire I'm sure it's great but my riding calls for more a 70/30 dirt/street tire.
  13. @motobraaping this forum
  14. Thanks for the feedback, @Weaponized
  15. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    Honored to have been invited by the Colombian Army to show them our clean water jiu-jitsu Training the trainer with some farmers who welcomed our filters for their new fresh water supply! Media day at the dental clinic These kids are just so darned cute!
  16. Eric Hall

    MMM - Who is going this year 2019?

    Sorry, I was in Colombia! Saw your pics... on Facebook (sigh)
  17. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    Want to see if I can add this FB vid via my phone...
  18. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    Here’s those two women and three kids we gave rides to on the bikes saving them about 20 miles of walking in the heat. We later got them on a bus for the next town.
  19. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    Huge day yesterday. We got 200 people out of the cold and rain off the street and in busses to go over the mountains. We even gave two moms and three kids rides on our GS’s to the next refuge station.
  20. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    Lots more to report... We ended up helping 22 people by getting them a hotel, food, clothing and bus rides to distant cities saving them the life threatening walk over tall mountains. Yesterday we arrived at Cúcuta and spent time sorting and pairing about 1,000 pairs of shoes to distribute. I wish we had those the previous few days as just about everyone’s shoes were worn out.
  21. Eric Hall

    Motorrad Angels

    An update from Colombia. We helped quite a few Venezuelans with a bus ride over the mountains yesterday. They were going to walk it! Many would have no doubt died as many have already. We went back this morning and got two more bus loads. Down the road we saw more camps and stopped to spec out what was needed. Dennis made a list of supplies and we are going to build a shower. Really sad seeing people with worn shoes and no cold weather clothes. They just walk and walk and walk. We paid bus fare for a few women with children. This one place was making them chicken soup.
  22. Eric Hall

    KTM 1090 R Issues

    Lots of us fanboys getting excited for the new 1090 R coming out but let's all pause and take a more realistic look now so we have a more informed position so we're not as let down later. To be fair, we are getting a bike with stiffer suspension or at least more dirt-worthy. We are also getting wheels that aren't made from sticks of real butter. But do you think the air box, fuel pump, ethanol sensitive tank and fuel gauge and side stand issues have really been properly addressed? Probably not. Did you know there's no center stand? I was going to point out the dry weight is actually 2kg less than my 990 was new but that's essentially a center stand. That the delivery has been delayed? No 12v port? That the damper is probably only suited for street use? Sure you still don't want that Africa Twin after all? Relax! I'm sure it's all going to be fine but this is the chatter I'm hearing from quite a few sources who prefer not to be named. Do you have any concerns I've left out? Please share.
  23. I'd like this thread to be a place where we can put videos of big bikes being ridden well. Videos you look at and you're like "wow, I wish I could ride like that!" Something like this... or
  24. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    Now that we have an official launch at EICMA this bike can have its own thread! The stats of the bikes side-by-side for both standard and R version
  25. Eric Hall

    2019 KTM 790 Adventure

    nah. No more than the 990. A little bird told me crash bars will be ready soon for this model.