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  1. What’s the new chariot going to be?
  2. Well, I'll be with you, @greedyg, so Raster is safe. You, on the other hand, will not be. Vroom vroom!
  3. I have absolutely zero problems helping keep things orderly.
  4. You don't get admission to Disneyland just because you paid for parking and walked into Downtown Disney. Just sayin.
  5. Poo toe. En español.
  6. 3 people total. Maria, Arwi, and JONATHAN. The rest of ya scoundrels can scram! LOL. Looking forward to seeing you all.
  7. No. We lost to Texas A&M 31-24. Was a strong does of insult on top of my injury.
  8. Noted. And agreed. "That's not a smile, that's a grimace of pain". Screwed with my riding for Saturday. I got to watch the UCLA game though.
  9. One section of Dunderberg wasn't very pleasant. A spur off that goes along a pole line "road" to the north/east of the main road. I got through fine, but @greedyg had some fun picking up bikes about 30 times. LOL.
  10. Or expedite the process of turning the dust cake into cement... Looking forward to seeing you Jason.
  11. Justin, did you manage to sign up? Still going?
  12. I'm glad I didn't have anything to do with the death of your headlight.
  13. I think Greg and I are going to put together some GPX files... Greg?
  14. Whoa buddy greedyg - I object! I had nothing to do with the selection of that portion of the route, I just led you vaqueros through it. I believe Rob Day was the culprit behind that section of the route. And... I managed to get through it without being able to breathe... soooooo...
  15. greedyg - I look forward to seeing your new proposed routes...