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  1. From the album Impatient

    Cameron Pass April 2016 10,285'

    © D.E.Abert 2016

  2. Just want to add that after multiple people in the health professions mis diagnosing me with athletes foot, that resulted in two forms of staph infections that kept me down and out for months, I have to pay added attention to my feet. I have two forms of dermatitis that wage war on my feet (slice between your toes with razor blades to get the idea). No pity please. Doesn't help that I spend as much time as possible with my feet in sweaty shoes and boots, or slinging a fly rod while my feet soak in the river/stream or ocean I'm standing in. Hence, the best sock I can afford.
  3. I use Bauer hockey socks for the past few years. They are boot length with ankle padding (thicker area in the sock for ice skates) that works really good with my Sidis and hiking boots. More so with the reduced lateral support of the hiking boots when I ride with them. The newest are some special blend to work with hot feet and cooler temps. About $20 a pair (black).
  4. Thanks Gary!
  5. Very nice
  6. Hey Gary, I'm happy to announce that I excepted a position outside of Denver. The formal offer will come next week, then I will depart 60-90 days later. I had mentioned to you that I couldn't make it to Mexico due to my future ride plans. This is what I had in the works. I'm really excited! But, I will have to cancel the trip to Appalachia. I fly solo at this point in my life, so I will be extremely busy with the move prep and selling my house. Once I get settled in CO I'm going to try and meet up with the Front Rangr Riders. They are a dual sport group and XL Adventure Bike friendly. They have a group on the MeetUp site/App that you can Track their Western rides taking place. (Free). Take care and safe travels. Daniel
    Sand the balls and the carriage. Making it ruff keeps them from moving in high wind and hard hits.
  7. Wow you do have a full schedule. I won't make it to Mexico based on my future ride plans, but I sure do appreciate knowing I have an opportunity to ride with someone through new territory (to me). Thank You. Though, if next Spring I'm back in the Western U.S. I'll send out a message to see which area you're in, and take you up on your ride knowledge. I hope the surgery goes well and you have a safe trip. Daniel
  8. I'm running a Mitas 7 rear, 10 up front. The Mitas 7 and Mitas 10 (60/40) was excellent on the hard dirt/rock and loose gravel in the Western Mountains, but a little shifty straight line on the highways (Using correct air pressures). Though I got used to the front wheel "Float" over time. But, in the back of my mind I felt I was one slight move from a high speed wheel wobble I couldn't recover from.(posted speed limit in Wyoming 80, in the slow lane). I may put a Mitas 7 up front or check out the Pirelli you mentioned. It's a little slick in the temperate rain forests of Appalachia, and the Adirondack region that I grew up playing in, and frequent yearly, so I think the on the slightly more aggressive (relevant to Adv road/dirt tires) Mitas 10 would be good in those locations too. I think it would dig better than the 50/50 Mitas 7. I'm not completely sold on the 10 though. I've developed a basic thought since I do most of my rides solo (Five 5,000+ mile rides) I want a tire to help prevent a crash miles from civilization, vs. on a paved road where I have a better chance of being found. Just have to be a little more careful on the pavement.
    Plus 1 gallon H2o can and tool box.
    Rear Tire. 6,700 miles fully loaded with 200lb plus rider and I think I can get 2K more on this tire without over riding it.
    Ask me.