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  1. Doug Printz

    Overland Expo West 2017

    Great comments, Eric .... mirrored my thoughts.
  2. Doug Printz

    Death Valley Ken Mooty Memorial Ride - Nov '16

    Last week I traveled to Death Valley with my WR250R on the back of my car to meet up with my riding buddy, Bill Pryor where we participated in the Death Valley Ken Mooty Memorial Ride. While there, we met up with another riding buddy, Neil Reynolds from Southern California. We had a great time on Friday and Saturday, the three of us riding all day, and meeting up with the rest of the guys in the evenings to share too much food and some great stories. Bill and I even won some shirts and hats in the final evening's drawing. The smaller bikes, Bill's XR400 and my WR250R really worked out well ......... so well, that we are planning to come back in January or February to tackle some of Death Valley's tougher roads. All of this in preparation to ride the Utah Backcountry Discovery route in the spring of 2017. Thanks to Eric Hall for hosting the event and Arwi Odense and his wife for their hospitality.
  3. Doug Printz

    High Sierra for Lost for a Reason - 2016

    Great work Jonathan!
  4. Doug Printz

    Shinko Adventure Trail Big Block E-804/805 Tires

    I've run through four Shinko rear tires (805) and I'm working on my third front tire (804) and will keep running them. The price is hard to beat - $120 for the rear and $80 for the front. For me, these tires perform about the same as TKC80s on both pavement and dirt. I'm not a canyon carver nor do I ride the gnarliest dirt, but I do put the tires to some serious use. So far, I've always swapped out my rear tires after about 4,000 miles because I had a long ride planned and I don't want to have to put on new tires on the road. I recently had a 3,000 mile ride planned which would really be pushing my rear tire which already had 2,700 miles on it, but I decided to go for it and see what it took to wear it down to the nubbings At the end of the ride, my total mileage on the tire was 5,685 with about 5,000 of those miles on pavement. Remaining tread depth is 2mm, I could ride it for another 500 miles, but at the price, why bother.
  5. Doug Printz

    Rider Found Dead in Death Valley

    There, but for the grace of God .....
  6. Doug Printz

    4,000 Miles Around The West

    This ride didn't quite work out the way we planned, but we had a hell of a ride anyway. We traveled in 8 states – in order of travel: California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. We visited Hell's Canyon, the St. Joe River Scenic Byway, the Big Hole Battlefield, the ghost town of Bannack, Montana, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons, The Golden Spike National Historic Site, and we rode the old transcontinental rail bed west of Promontory Point. All together we rode about 150 miles of dirt roads in spite of being blocked from the Magruder Corridor and the Lolo Motorway by forest fires in Idaho. CLICK HERE to read my ride report.
  7. Great ride, great report! Thanks.
  8. It looks like a great ride. I usually won't sit through more than about 5 or 6 minutes of video, but I found myself watching the entire 15 minutes with interest. Great job with the music and editing.
  9. Doug Printz

    COBDR with GS Riders of GoAZ BMW

    It WAS an epic ride. Thanks Mick and Jason. You guys are number 1 in my book. Great riding with you, Eric.
  10. Doug Printz

    Baja Norte Dec 26-31 2014

    Yep .... great report Eric. I enjoyed following your travels.
  11. Doug Printz

    Black Dog Cycle Works Radiator Guards

    So far so good, no damage to radiator in 15,000 miles with a fair amount of riding in the dirt.
  12. 6 reviews

    Our aluminum radiator guards are designed to allow plenty of airflow while keeping rocks and debris out. With their sturdy design and durable powder coated and anodized finishes, they will provide years of protection.VERY easy to install.
  13. Doug Printz

    Black Dog Cycle Works Platform Footpegs

    Love the wide, long pegs. I chose the "low" option which is 1/2" lower than stock.
  14. Doug Printz

    Touratech USA Crash Bar Package

    I've had a couple of pretty good tip overs and the only damage is a little scuffing of the crash bars.
  15. Doug Printz

    Touratech USA Crash Bar Package

    3 reviews

    We have combined the best protection bars for your R1200GS into this easy to install complete crash bar package. This kit comes with both the Touratech Upper Fairing Crash Bars and the Lower Engine Crash bars to give your motorcycle's cylinders, radiators, and fairings, the protection they need for any adventure. > Complete kit with upper and lower crash bars included > Made of strong 25mm diameter, 2mm wall-thickness stainless steel tubing > Available in electo-polished stainless steel (silver) or epoxy-coated (black) finishes > Upper bars protect the expensive upper fairing and vulnerable radiator > All hardware included for easy installation > Accents the styling lines of the R1200GS > Lower bars' stainless steel tube cage design protects by completely wrapping around the cylinder > Complete front cross-brace effectively transfers force > NOT compatible with BMW OEM auxiliary lights. > Design prevents excess force into frame or engine > Compact design maximizes maneuverability off-road and preserves lean angle for the twisties > Easily removed for service > Compatible with Touratech cylinder head guards > Fits BMW R1200GS Water Cooled models, 2013-on > Made in Germany by Touratech