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  1. motochefarwi

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    Looks like an amazing place! Heading down on Thursday from the Bay Area with Westen Rogers.
  2. motochefarwi

    Motorrad Angels

    Thanks for sharing the great work you all are doing. It is very nice to see humans helping humans. Water is so taken for granted.
  3. motochefarwi

    MMM - Who is going this year 2019?

    Team Agent Orange! Missing you Eric Hall!!
  4. motochefarwi

    MMM - Who is going this year 2019?

    Ha!!! maybe!!!! some guys that are going are not on XLADV? maybe we should change that? @Eric Hall we will spread the good word and represent my man! Braaap!
  5. motochefarwi

    Buying Used ADV Bikes

    Ha! Well said @greedyg. Yeah, I don't think most folks are fans of any tax or any payment plans! Yeah the whole payment plan thing eats me inside just thinking about it. However I completely understand some folks that need their ride and need to get it any way they can! The dealers never really seem to have all the farkles that I'm looking for, but maybe that is just me being finicky on what is out there. I probably hang out with too many moto heads with too many opinions on what is better and what should be changed. Well buying an Adventure bike or any bike IS and adventure and that is the fun part too about our community. Expecially our passion for Big displacements.
  6. motochefarwi

    Buying Used ADV Bikes

    Cool to hear. you got lucky in finding a bike with all the ergos lined up for you. Afica Twin ADV sport is a nice ride too! I rode it for a hot minute a couple of years ago at High Sierra's. Felt really easy to control and plush. Almost too easy like a scooter! Yeah I like smaller dealers per se that are a bit more intimate with their inventory. Some of these big box dealerships are a bit too much (your talking to a bmw owner here! lol!) I like private sales as well if the bike has been taken care of. It really is mix bag out there. I just saw a fella who had a KTM 990 for sale and he must have had at least 4 other adventure bikes in his garage. He was a retired Mercedes and Ferrari mechanic. He stated that working on these bikes was like working on lawn mowers for him! Anyhow I admired his small inventory and his passion for keeping these bike on the road. Something has to be said about the whole wrenching piece.
  7. motochefarwi

    Buying Used ADV Bikes

    Hello fellow riders! I’m curious to hear how many of you have purchased a used ADV Bike vs a new dealer bike off the show room floor? There is a lot of good value bikes out in the market place and I’m curious to hear your takes. I use my bikes as my commuters and also my weekend warriors so I have a lot of saddle time all year long. Lucky to be living out in California where it is possible. Happy to hear what you all have to say in the subject.
  8. motochefarwi

    Fasst Flexx Handle Bars

    Ok Eric, i'm not far from you in age! ha! Its all about the total package of this and I guess i'm feeling the aches a bit more too after long days in the saddle! I have looked abit closer to at the Bends available on the https://www.fasstco.com/pages/flexx-handlebar-bends There is a wide variety and I do see the Adventure Bend. I'm thinking I may have to match up with a Roxx riser too to adjust to the 1 1/8" bar size.
  9. motochefarwi

    R1100gs Fasst Flexx Handle Bars

    I had an awesome time riding with the crew at last years Ken Mooty memorial ride in November of 2018. We rode a nice loop from Panamint Springs over Hunter Mountain, Tea Kettle Junction, Race Track then over to Ubehebe Crater. While riding from Tea Kettle Junction to Ubehebe Crater the decent is very gradual. The road by any means was not technical, but long and gravelly. I noticed for the first time that my arms were super fatigued. Maybe a mix of smaller front wheel than i'm used to 19" vs a 21" on the F650gs Dakar and also the handle bar position and arm pump. I'm a novice rider when it comes to off road, weekend wrencher and ADV rider. I'm willing to try out the Flexx Bars on the big beast to see if this will help. I know suspension plays a big role in this along with relaxing on a big bike. After taking a look at my wrist position I found it to be more angled in and not neutral which was causing the pain I was feeling. I also recently changed my clutch cable, well one because it broke and was getting worn the point that I needed to "Hercules" every shift! @Jason R So this is fixed now and I have a near silky smooth teflon clutch cable action. Next I of course have adjusted my bars forward to have more access to my controls when riding on the pegs. This has worked, but is fatiguing because the oem bars were not meant to be angled this way. They were meant to be more of a classic BMW cruising comfort style. I've been corresponding with Cole from Fasst Flexx and we will see what he suggests for me and my riding style. We have already exchanged a few emails and he has requested for some specs on the oem bars and what I have set up already. Below are some if the picture I have sent him. He asked question me some good questions wether I had heated grips or not, oem bar end weights, the bolt size of them, what hand guards I use and do I like the current bend. I outfitted my BMW F650 GS Dakar a few years a go with with some Renthal Windham bars and love them. I guess ultimately that is the rise, bend and sweep I am looking for. Feel free to chime in and let me know what you are using. @Eric Hall I know you have the Flexx bars on the 990 project bike. What model/series did you get if you recall? @greedyg what is on your KTM? More to come on this project.
  10. motochefarwi

    2018 ADV Rally - Julian, CA

    @greedyg I have put one together last June up in Stonyford with the BMW Norcal Moto Club. It was a blast! I did some recon about a month before and scouted one section and planned. then we left early on the day of the event and planted the pics for the selfies. We camped and rode. So we stayed in one spot the first night and made it over to Stonyford for the second night. We had a "sagwagon" that carried all of the tents and bags. Rad time. You had to take a selfie with a picture that we hid in various places with "clues" and way points. After the fact folks were stating to make it even more challenging than we did!
  11. motochefarwi

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    Very cool. Alot of my friends on this part of the "world" have known me and showing up with my F650 GS Dakar for many seasons. I have definetly pushed this bike to the best of my abilities through various terrains, still always learning every day! but not yet through a Rally or a race. Maybe someday I will! I purchased an old R1100GS and have been riding this also on the side for nearly 1.5 years now and loving it. I have a passion for old bikes and of course the wrenching that comes with it. Keep the vids coming and I hope to ride with you someday! 😜
  12. motochefarwi

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    @isaac we have been following you for a while now and Im sure all of us Big Bike enthusiasts dig your videos! your F800 project bike seems like it is serving you well! will you ever get back to tricking out a 1200 again? just wondering...
  13. motochefarwi

    Videos of Big Bikes Being Ridden Well!

    so cool!! what a Race!!!!
  14. motochefarwi

    My Third Time Training with Jimmy Lewis

    Riding across the lake bed full throttle in first until you hit the rev limiter? Staggered starts.
  15. motochefarwi

    My Third Time Training with Jimmy Lewis

    That was a fun one! Really gets you in an “unconventional & uncomfortable place”. After a few time it gets really fun to do. But at times it feel strange because it is not at all “natural” for most to do. If In fact this was the drill that got nixed.