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  1. motochefarwi

    WABDR 2019

    Day 2. We traveled about 250 miles from Bend Oregon to Trout Creek Campground in section 1. Had an extra long lunch at the Bridge Restaurant with ice cream and had my first Marionberry Pie! Picked up some camping fuel and toothpaste in town and we were off. Steve is using his Garmin Montana and I’m using my Garmin 60CSX with WA topi as well as the Rever app on my phone. The trails are epic in the section so far to say the least. I’m thinking already that I brought too much stuff! We got to camp around 6:30 pm to relax and rest. We have an ambitious goal to get past Nile Valley and to Lions Campground which is 200 miles. Some tinkering on the bike and kit last evening and we are both feeling good! Steve is riding great on the 1290 Super adventure, and let’s say “Heddy” is in her Element! Probably going to stiffen up the front Forks a bit to help with the weight of the loaded bike.
  2. motochefarwi

    WABDR 2019

    We made it to Bridge of The Gods. Grabbing a quick bite and gathering some last minute supplies. The Gorge is beautiful. Epic scenery on this route. Let’s ride!
  3. motochefarwi

    WABDR 2019

    Day1 completed. Very windy day up the 5 then 97. Little parade around the town of Weed and had lunch at Black Bear Diner in Klamath falls. Pushed about 500 miles today and stayed just south of Bend Oregon. Very nice and scenic after Redding. ( thanks Jason!) A little heaven before we hit the dirt. Stayed at a Thousand Oaks resort where they allowed us to pitch up our tents. Was a brutal 37 degrees last night and I woke up at 3am. Oh well, getting the morning coffee on and gearing up. KSU at 8:30am.
  4. motochefarwi

    WABDR 2019

    Ok, so I can’t sleep! It’s the day before we start our adventure north from the East Bay. Posting some picks of the food I’ll be carrying. I’m curious to see how much I’ll actually eat.
  5. motochefarwi

    2020 GS Trophy US Qualifier

    Congratulations to all those who competed. Great coverage Eric! For some it is a great reunion because many have ridden together in some shape or form. For some it is a dream and a “never give up” attitude much like what adventure riding is all about. It is a good contest, I highly recommend it if you want to sharpen your skills and test your self. I competed in the 2018 qualifiers! I had a good time, I think I pretty much place last. Timing did not work out for me this year, but maybe the next one!
  6. motochefarwi

    WABDR 2019

    Well it’s happening! Plans are on the way for some Moto Heads to tackle the WABR this June. We will also be attending the Touratech Rally West From June 27th-30th. Some friends heading up from the LA area and rendezvous in the Bayarea. This will be my first BDR. Super stoked. Pack list has started. Will keep you posted on more info as we progress.
  7. motochefarwi

    Mosko Moto Apparel

    So much more comfortable when riding technical terrain with armor and a jersey. When I do this I bring a light pull over rain jacket. Combination works well. Starting off cold in the morning is a good rule because you warm up pretty quickly throughout the day and ride. Mix of Adv riding gear and MX gear are good options. I do prefer the protection of Klim gear when on the road and in between camping spots.
  8. motochefarwi

    Mojave 2019

    Will probably not make that CO rally! Planning on completing the WABDR this year so it will soak up most of my vacation time! So cool to meet other Moto heads like us! Braaaaap!
  9. motochefarwi

    Mojave 2019

    We had another great adventure put on by XLADV @Eric Hall. It was great to meet some new friends @Le Cler & Wayne (not sure if you have a handle on here). We arrived early on Thursday hoping to get some scouting in before the majority of riders arriving on Friday. Dark o'clock was the call of the day with Westen and I. We had an audacious plan of strapping a 990 and 1290 in a uhaul. Both of us in our glory trying to not wake up my neighbors at 3:30am and so proud we were able to fanagle the bikes in the uhaul and wedging microfiber cloths to stop the chauffing against the bikes and the side walls of the trailer. Well we made it about 5 hours into our trip from the East bay and started our journey up the Tehachapi pass which is when the trouble started. Did I mention that we were towing the KTM's with a Chevy Volt? Let's say you never want to see the screen onthe volt say "propulsion reduced". We pulled over and we could smell a slight burning. We decided to unload the 990 and I rode the rest of the way over the Tehachapi pass and into the Mojave. Not a big deal at all and enjoyed the ride there. It wasn't worth the risk of burning the motor out in the Volt. It took a while for Westen to show up to the Hole in the wall campground as his GPS took him for a ride and a wrong detour. Trust me he is faster on his motorcycle! Oh well, we set up camp and decided to go for a rip at dusk. Well worth it after a very long day on the road. The next day we had an awesome time with @Jason R & @greedy leading our group on Friday as he had some great tracks. We ran into @Le Cler later that afternoon at the Cima Shell where we noticed he was riding another bike. Turns out he had a very good off in a track and broke the steering lock wire which inturn disabled the bike useless. His bike was being towed by Wayne on the 700 GS and Steve who wrestled Brad's bike to safety of the gas station. Later Brad got the bike towed to LV BMW to diagnose. Sounds like he may have suffered some broken ribs, but may this guy could take the pain as he was still in great spirits when we left thim. My ride this year was cut short due to an unexpected call from my family that my mother was admitted to emergency back in Canada. As alsway family first so I left as soon as I could on Saturday back to the East Bay. It was a whirlwind trip for me, but I had an amazing time again with the XLADV crew. See you at the next one!
  10. motochefarwi

    Mojave 2019

    @Eric Hall well that sucks regarding your clutch bud. was it the Reckluse? Hope ya get er fixed!
  11. motochefarwi

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    @Chris Owensit was great to ride with you! you muscled the Vstrom with ease! nice work! I do know how it feels to have little clearance on some of those whoops and sand washes! What matters is that you were there and having a blast!!! good luck on the rebuild.
  12. motochefarwi

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    ***Another useful tip I have found is to download your map in google to "offline" . This way you can still see on your phone with out any service in remote area.
  13. motochefarwi

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    Thanks Eric, looking forward to the tracks this year! Well it will be my first. Doing some late night uploading of the tracks, I like to load them on to my google maps on my phone so I have them with me, however I find that the color scheme only shows up in blue. I use this as a good resource to scroll through certain way points that are nicely titled. Here you can share the tracks with your friends via email or google drive etc. (I send them to my wife so she has an idea of what type of Mayhem I'm up to with the guys! ) Also I do check out my Rever on my desk top or lap top and try to find other tracks from Eric or entitled Mojave. If you follow or have friends on Rever you are likely to see their tracks. For example @greedyg and @bruinjon did some scouting last week and I was able to see their tracks too. Well there you have it! Below is a screen shot of the tracks itemized by the route you desire. I do plan on doing som pre running with @Jason R and @ westenrogers on Thursday afternoon to get a feel for the terrain. I suggest if you don't have Rever, give it a try and "follow the Blue line" or click the "ride it!" button and see how you like it. It works well when you have the Premium subscription. I do not work for Rever, but I havve been patient witht this app and have been using it for a few years. They have also develeoped a turn by turn feature and maybe I will give it a go on one of the tracks. I have found it useful on many rides such as Death Valley and High Sierra's at past XLADV rides. Happy to help anyone out with the app while we are out there. See you all out there on the trails!
  14. motochefarwi

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    insert applause here! more the merrier! Braaaap!
  15. motochefarwi

    Mojave May 3-5 2019

    The question is what’s for dinner! lol!