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  1. Crazy fun!
  2. Few clips from this amazing weekend! Enjoy Had a chance to enter the GS Trophy Challenge at the Raw Hyde Ranch for the 2018 Mongolia qualifiers. It is a Bi-annual event held by BMW that gives a once in a life time opportunity for like minded enthusiasts (non-professionals) to ride and represent their country to compete in the GS Trophy. Had a blast and I encourage all to enter if you love challenging yourself as well as comadarie. Special thanks to Weston Rogers, Dimitrios Tournas (filming credits) and Dennis Godwin as well as too many friends to mention for encouraging me to challenge myself.
  3. Crazy. We often think of the bikes too much & at the end of the day we must think of us as well. With all your "flex Fridays" and cardio I'm sure it played a big role in your success. Congrats brother. Next will be my turn someday[emoji109][emoji12][emoji1598]
  4. Nice recap of all the gear! Need to get some moto skiveez socks. I like the acerbis full socks. Really helps from preventing chauffing from my knee guards pulls up nice and high. Eric did you have a steering stabilizer? Sounds like you had the right folks backing you up! Piece of mind out in the toughest of times in the desert [emoji266] . How about hydration? How many liters of water did you carry each stage? And did you fuel up on electrolytes after? Or just Margs[emoji12]
  5. Oh bud!!!! Good run! Shitty go with the damn mousse! You had the right pit crew though! Ken weaver! Xladv representing!!! What an adventure!!
  6. Grip and rip it easy in the Gas !!!! Go Go XLADV!!!
  7. Give 'em hell Eric! You have trained well and good luck tomorrow on the long stage! Braaaap! You must be stoked! Ride safe brotha!
  8. It's a really great maneuver. Has it all! Throttle, brake, clutch, [emoji102] and confidence! I'm going to keep practicing!
  9. Elephant Turn demonstrated very quickly! Rode with fellow rider @Weston Rogers on Cow Mountain yesterday!
  10. Eric was This was double than 2015? Every situation and individual is unique. You handled it well. Managing a group of 80 folks is 80 different personalities. Quality over Quantity is best. All rally's have the same challenges but We may not hear all the details all the time. You pick up and learn and make next year better and you have done this many times already. And yes you will probably have to remind folks again next year of the policies and procedures. With more volume you need more "staffing" to crowd control. You have all of our support here!
  11. Door to door was 252 miles. We took the Tioga pass over and the Sonoma pass home. About 1006 miles clocked, dirt and tarmac.
  13. No probs. I had trouble as you tube was preventing as it was ebbed. I'll try again.
  14. 252 miles of slab to get to the event is not too bad. Gotta love living in California because there is so much diversity from coastal riding, central, low desert, high desert and mountain passes. Riding Big Bikes to these events is a joy because you can go the distance and then air down and get dirty. Some good clips of our adventure to the High Sierra's 2017 event. Make every mile count and make it your own adventure. Ride your own ride! Part one shared with my best friend. Great to have a support vehicle to carry all the gear! As always I took too much video footage [emoji3] so I need to break it down to a few vids. Enjoy!
  15. Wishing Jeff C a speedy recovery. Keep us updated and hope he gets well soon. Sounds like he was with a good crew that he was riding with and hope he had some good help during the accident. I was not aware of the incident until the next morning at the riders meet up.