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  1. Wow! Wonder if they make for the R1100GS??[emoji16] I’m looking into have in custom one made from a fellow on the east coast. My Heed Crash Bars do not receive the OEM skid plate. Only the “inner” plate which not quite enough protection.
  2. Love my E-12’s I use them both on the F650 Dakar and the R1100Gs. For more space I add the large Rollie in the middle and find it to be just enough room. I bring the E-12 on the day trips and leave the hard panniers at the camp site. Seems to be the right recipe for my Adventures.
  3. Yup, I remember one of my first times on a group ride when I lived down in SoCal I watched Stephanie Townsend do this on her 1200GS! I thought wow! I need to learn that too. I taught myself this in a parking lot. I then took it to the dirt and found it very useful when I find it easier to ride away than swing my leg over. Also I think I saw Gaston Rahier do it on those old Dakar clips. He was about 5’5 & I’m 5’4. Us height challenged folks find it hard to mount up on these big adventure bikes sometimes.
  4. Thank you Bro, it is quality folks like you in our community that make it so great! Catch you at the next event!
  5. Wow! How does it feel to let her go? You rode that beast very well! Now you have to “tame” another one! Let the new Adventures begin bro!
  6. @gravelscout who takes your photos? You have one great pics!
  7. Yeah Sharif! Cool to see you on the forum! Let’s ride again sometime! I think the last time we rode together was many years ago at Cleghorn? Cheers!
  8. Bad Ass riding @isaac!! as always an inspiration bud!
  9. on my way dudes!!!!! see you this evening. Arwi Braaaaaap!!!
  10. Nice clips Eric & dudes! Yeah I remember the sand whoops by the Husky were huge when I went there a while back. I gotta try to get to those petroglyphs some time. I new they were close, but I was riding alone. Next time
  11. ktm1090adventurer

    @DerVicman welcome bud! Wow I bet it is quite the change from the twin! I’m out in the Eastbay. Hit me up and let’s braaap!
  12. The slow and technical stuff is crazy. Really tests one if you have “true” clutch control.
  13. Crazy fun!
  14. Few clips from this amazing weekend! Enjoy Had a chance to enter the GS Trophy Challenge at the Raw Hyde Ranch for the 2018 Mongolia qualifiers. It is a Bi-annual event held by BMW that gives a once in a life time opportunity for like minded enthusiasts (non-professionals) to ride and represent their country to compete in the GS Trophy. Had a blast and I encourage all to enter if you love challenging yourself as well as comadarie. Special thanks to Weston Rogers, Dimitrios Tournas (filming credits) and Dennis Godwin as well as too many friends to mention for encouraging me to challenge myself.
  15. Crazy. We often think of the bikes too much & at the end of the day we must think of us as well. With all your "flex Fridays" and cardio I'm sure it played a big role in your success. Congrats brother. Next will be my turn someday[emoji109][emoji12][emoji1598]