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  1. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    Same same.
  2. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    Great event as always and always looking to improve. I heard it was a struggle at times to get gratuity from the attendees after the serving of food. A suggestion that may be an answer is to include the gratuity with the purchase. I know Eric and I have chatted about this before in terms of food being a part of an event as it makes a world of a difference especially when it is catered. Not sure what the feed back would be from this, but all feed back is welcome. Some restaurants do this already. And some caterers as well. Just my thought coming from the industry. In my experience there should be some verbiage stating that all the “gratuity” is divided among all the staff such as dishwashers, cooks, servers etc.
  3. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    There are tons of scenic routes and many options up there. “Just pick a direction”. Do you have last years or previous routes? I believe there is a road route up the mtn too.
  4. motochefarwi

    IDBDR Aug 2018

    Living the dream bro! Have fun and say hi to the crew!
  5. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    Cool, looking forward to hanging. Gtd. A good time!
  6. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    A couple of years ago my wife and I rode it two up. Yeah we did do some intermediate routes! Lots of Sand in some areas. I found out later myvrear Shock was shot when I got home... either than that if you are up for the Adventure it is definitely there! My wife is coming again this year, but driving in and kicking and taking pics!
  7. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    Woo hoo! Maria and I are in!!! Yesss!
  8. motochefarwi

    Giants in the Wild Article

    Yeah, I figured I’d try this format first. I’ll cut and paste when I get back home. Cheers
  9. motochefarwi

    Giants in the Wild Article

    lets see if this uploads... Giants_in_the_Wild_Article_.pages
  10. motochefarwi

    Memorial Weekend Ride to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado

    Very nice article! I have not had the chance to ride up this way, but would love to some day! looks amazing.
  11. motochefarwi

    Top 10 Moto Camping Essentials

    Great review of the "essentials". Ever since i picked up the Redverz Atacama Tent last March 2017 I have not looked back. Mind you most of my camping is no more than 1 or two nights in one spot. It is a bit of chore to haul, but one you set up it is great. I had chronic back pain for some time and to be able to stand up in the tent is really comfortable. I used a Eureka 3 man tent for 10 years for fly fishing trips, weekend camping and it served its purpose. The quality of the Redverz is unmatched. This version is really durable. I have tested it out in the silty sands of the Nevada desert, grassy forest hills in NorCal and some very windy conditions in Death Valley & High Sierras. I'll continue to use the Redverz. it does take up a little space on the bike, especially when on the F650 GS Dakar. But I have learned to save space on my bike in order to compensate for the tent space. I have learned that a good nights rest out in the field is extremely important. I agree, the axe may be too much, but I have not really had the use for one. The Helinox zero chair is nice. I bought a knock off one of the same style and I'm going to test it out this weekend. Well being a chef and all I'm intriqued at the portable grill. I havent' really put too much thought in that because you essentially need a good ice pack to haul your "flesh". But I do know Eric Hall enjoys his steak anywhere! Great food porn opportunity! lol! At the end of the day it does take a few moto camping trips to figure out if you want to "bring the kitchen sink" or not. Also when adventure riding you want your camping product to be strong and hardy. A fine balance when you get into harsh terrain and start dropping your bike, you will quickly figure out wether you carried too much or not.
  12. motochefarwi

    High Sierra 2018

    Is it that time already?? Whoo ha!!!
  13. motochefarwi

    Echo Canyon, Death Valley

    agreed! nice riding!
  14. motochefarwi

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    https://youtu.be/rHoT4BE1DQE A little refresher from last years TOD!
  15. motochefarwi

    Taste of Dakar 2018

    I’m riding in from the East Bay, and warming up my Knobbies over the Sierra’s. Planning to hop over the US 50, down 395 and meet up with Bushong and crew in Big Pine. Then ride some dirt to Gold Point. Yes we will miss “stitch” this year!