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    Anything adventure related by truck or moto or boat ... let's go!

    Hola Amigos!

    Cool spot here! I dig the passion you all have here. I'm Tim and live in So Cal ... I just returned from 2 months adventuring all over Alaska and the Yukon after driving from So Cal to Alaska. I picked up my wife in Fairbanks and we explored all over in the dirt and ran across lots of ADV riders. I chatted with most and they all wanted to know about our truck/camper setup so while they looked at my rig I took in all the sights of their motos. Within 2 days of being home I bought a new fully loaded GS 1200 Adventure moto and I've been riding daily since. I also ride a KTM 450 EXC in Baja, but the GS is an amazing machine compared to anything else. I am now a believer. I've been exploring Baja for 40+ years and know all the back roads, single track and such, but going north to Alaska and the Yukon was on my bucket list and it was an amazing trip. I can't make it to join your group on the upcoming trip outside of Bishop because I am heading out of town on another trip, but I look forward to meeting you guys in person sooner than later. Tim