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  1. mthomasadv

    Los Angeles-Based Off-Road 1-2 Day Rides

    I'm open to the Nov 17 or Dec 1 dates.
  2. This is a big bike friendly one day half-tarmac/half-dirt ride tomorrow (2/11). We'll be leaving LA about 8 and heading out to Adelanto (near Victorville). From there will be checking out a 170 dirt loop route put together by Eric Hall. (see attached track). We then head back to Los Angeles by 3 to be home by dark. There are currently two of going (BMW GS bike). If you'd like to join, text/call me at 213-864-3604 and we'll coordinate the best place to meet up. Mike Read more details about Eric's Beyond Starbucks Gold route here: Beyond Starbucks GoldV1.GPX
  3. As many of us, I work a 9-5 job and can only get away for multi-day trips a few times per year but would love to some dirt more regularly. I'd like to connect with SoCal folks interested in day or weekend rides that include some off-road. For example, Los Angeles to Gorman (Los Padres National Forest) is about an hour. From there, some fun off-roading can be had so it's fun one day ride. I'm not aware of too many more off-road options in SoCal and am also interested in finding new folks to ride with at levels intermediate to advanced. Thanks! Mike (2016 BMW GSA)
  4. mthomasadv

    High Sierra 2017

    I'm trailering from Hollywood (Los Angeles) and have an extra spot. Leaving mid-day Thursday and returning by Sunday night. If you're interested, give me a call or text at two one three, eight six four, three six zero four. ((LOOKS LIKE THE SPOT IS TAKEN. I'LL UPDATE THIS POST IF ANYTHING CHANGES)) Mike
  5. mthomasadv

    ACD Racing Parts Adventure Skid Plates

    Summary This skid plate offers significant protection beyond the stock version provided by BMW and looks great. If you’re going to be anywhere beyond a mild dirt road, or just want a better looking belly, it something to seriously consider. Written installation instructions are strangely missing (including torque specs, etc.) but there are two install videos online. One is done by ACD (on the ACD website) and another by @Eric Halland @SeaWolfe of this forum. I referenced both videos during the process and you should too. My notes below are meant to be highlights and not a step-by-step guide. Installation is fairly easy but did off some minor challenges. Required for install (not a complete list of tools but the others are very typical) a. Can be installed while on the stock kickstand b. Torx bit set c. Bit extension (6-8”) d. C clamp remover (recommended) e. A second set of hands (recommended at final step) f. Use blue Loctite instead of red. Other folks have had a hard time removing the skidplate with the latter. Installation 1. Opening the box: The skid plate looks great and does a great job of protecting the rear of the exhaust. Unfortunately, the long side mounts were lightly scratched during shipping. They did ship me a replacement for one side, but it was also scratched. They definitely need to improve their packing strategy. 2. ACD provides a unique system to the release the spring on the center stand since the two center stand bushings are replaced during the install. 3. It’s nice if you have a C-clamp puller in your tool box to remove the C clamps on the center stand bushing. Other tools can help here, but you want to avoid any damage since they will need to go back on. 4. After removing the C-clamps on both sides, the bushing on the right (muffler) side of the bike wouldn’t come out easily due to contact with the catalytic converter. This is not mentioned in any of the two videos. Official BMW maintenance guides also do not mention this challenge or require the muffler to be loosened or removed when removing the center stand. However, with the spring and both bushings removed, it possible to move the center stand enough to create space for the bushing to be removed. 5. Removing the stock bolts for the top of the brackets is fairly straight forward but there are no torque specs when installing the new bolts. 6. Once I had the front mounting brackets and the rear of the skid plate installed (but loose), I found it almost impossible to get the two front bolts (front of skid plate to brackets) threaded in without another set of hands. I needed someone to compress the parts in order to feed the bolts properly. With four hands this was easily done though. 7. Everything fit very nice and looks great! I’m hoping the black powder coat finish stands up well against all the rocks thrown at it off-road. However, since it’s flat black, repainting the front periodically would be simple.