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  1. motochron

    Desert Ride - Dec 19 2015

    Looked like a great ride!
  2. Not to fond of the rear entry strapless designation, but not sure how else to describe it! Looks like a cool idea, dual sport version supposed to be in the works. http://www.vozzhelmets.com/the-helmet.html
  3. motochron

    Adventure Riding Training

    I get out and practice I much as I can, still I think I could use some guidance on what I am doing wrong or right. Sand is still a big obstacle for me on the big bike. I know what to do, but it can be intimidating when your actually out riding it. Thanks for all the replies, not sure which I am going to take. All depends on when I can get away from work. Leaning towards Rawhyde or JL, but we shall see.
  4. motochron

    March Moto Madness Tennessee

    I am seriously considering going. From the videos it looks like a blast.
  5. motochron

    LAB2V 2015

    Cool video, the 990 sounds awesome. I miss the that sound.
  6. motochron

    Magellan eXplorist

    http://www.magellangps.com/Vehicle-Navigation/Magellan-eXplorist-TRX7-Off-road-GPS-Navigation#community Looks like it could be cool if the price is right and not outrageously expensive.
  7. motochron


  8. motochron

    Adventure Riding Training

    By crushed you expectations, do you mean it was great?
  9. motochron

    Upper Peninsula Adventure Ride

    Started editing a longer video of the trip, here is part one. Hope you enjoy. The journey to Copper Harbor.
  10. motochron

    Adventure Riding Training

    What's the opinion on the best place to seek training riding the big adventure bikes? Jimmy Lewis, Rawhyde, BMW? Living in Michigan the closest is the BMW training center in South Carolina, I think. But I am thinking of taking a spring ride in Arizona, Southern Utah, and Jimmy Lewis is just over in Nevada. Any thoughts? Thanks Chris
  11. motochron

    Upper Peninsula Adventure Ride

    Thanks. Yes it is worth the trip, awesome area.
  12. I took my new to me 2007 GSA out for it's first semi big trip last weekend. Four days exploring the UP, wish it could have been longer. Here is a little highlight video I made of the trip.
  13. motochron

    GS Giants High Sierra 2015

    Awesome! Hope there is more to come?
  14. motochron

    Hi from Northern Michigan

    Hi all! My name is Chris and I live near the tip of the Mitt in Michigan. Currently riding a 07 1200GSA and a DRZ400. I recently sold my KTM 990 because I thought I would never be able to ride a big bike off road, especially sand. Bought the GSA more for touring, but find myself still wanting to explore the back roads on it. So outfitted it with Skid Plate, tires, bar risers, etc. There is nothing like taking a big bike where you would think it shouldn't be able to go. The more I see of these bikes on video, I now it's capabilities far exceed mine. So hopefully I will be able to continue to learn and overcome my current limitations. Found this site after watching Eric's videos, looking for a forum that caters more to actual adventure riding. Hope this is it.