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  1. renaissancerider

    2018 ADV Rally - Julian, CA

    Maybe dirty fuel filter? Can it be temperature again? Loose battery wire? Unknown immobilized to prevent theft?
  2. I am currently running the Pirelli Scorpion Rally str and will be taking them on a loop from LA to Alaska. Running them on my 1290 SA. Not planning on too much off road and they have been great on the street (speed, stability, cornering, noise, ...). They are also holding up well in terms of wear. I’ll add pics later. Currently I have 1500 miles on them, mostly road - hwy, twisties, urban. I think there will be no problem for the 3500 up to Fairbanks where I will put on a fresh pair. What has really stood out for me is their stability, cornering, agility in turns, and sound. A riding buddy put these on his 1200gs and did taste of Dakar as well. He’ll be running his up to Alaska as well.
  3. renaissancerider

    New KTM 1290 SA-R, any "must haves"?

    I recently bought an SA-T. I would look into their folding levers, engine/clutch case protection, the floating topcase and backrest for your +1. Side stand foot. If you can think far in advance, maybe some spare wear parts. $500 only goes so far in their catalog. Now outside of their catalog, I recommend looking at the altrider selection. They have some great strong hard parts for protection. Oh, I forgot - gps and/or phone holder, their customers engineered tank bag (click-on/off) is good, not great off road when you’re standing.
  4. renaissancerider

    KTM 690 Upgrades

    Hi Rogers. Happy to walk you through the mods I have done if you go this route. I chose to go lighter and wanted to keep a good amount of power, thus the KTM (Husky 701 didn't exist in 2014). This has been a good platform for one up riding long and short distances. My longest trek was 3200 miles across the Southwest, including CO BDR. While slightly less good on the road than a bigger bike (wind, etc.) it can't be beat off road. I have recently added a 1290 Super adventure to my garage, mainly as a two-up tourer with my wife. We're heading to AK this summer. Alone, I would have taken the 690, she won't get on it for anything.
  5. Just came back from my first maintenance on this monster. Surprising at how fast and smooth this motor is. She is in the beginnings of her transition to a real super adventurer: Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, PP ergo seat, Altrider skid plate, radiator protection, rally pegs. It is strange going back and forth between both machines now— I think I have a favorite, not sure yet... now to plan my trips....
  6. renaissancerider

    Klim Krios Helmet

    I just received the Klim Krios Helmet I won at the XLADV high Sierra event. A beautiful piece of equipment and the absolute lightest helmet I have ever worn. Beautiful finish, carbon fiber. It came with both a clear and tinted screen with a pin lock antifog lens. I will begin wearing it and provide a review once I have a few hours on my head. For now a huge thanks to XLADV and KLIM.
  7. renaissancerider

    KTM 690 Upgrades

    So many of you have seen me at events with my KTM 690 with the Britannia Composites fairing. I was always considering adding an after market gas tank and finally took the plunge. In fact I decided to do a few things since I was going have the bike incapacitated for a few weeks. So in order of decisions here are the recent upgrades (last month): RallyRaid UK evo2 fuel tanks, radiator guard, radiator screen, and crash protection; Konflict suspension maintenance (had previously done recalling and spring), rotweiller canisterectomy kit and intake/air filter upgrade (along with fuel dongle). Here are before and current pics. Still need to do some work on countershaft bearings. Will be riding again soon. And need to decorate the bright white tanks ?
  8. renaissancerider

    Maintenance and Modifications

    After the @XLADV @lostforareason high sierra event I made the decision to do some mods to my dialed in #ktm690. First was to send my suspension off to @alexmartens at @KONFLICT MOTORSPORTS For some routine maintenance. He had already upgraded my calving and springs a couple years ago so this was to be just maintenance. Once those were sent, I decided to add the @rallyraid evo2 gas tanks to get additional distance. I should be adding close to 100 miles. Since the bike is in pieces and I can't ride, why not change the front tire. I've never tried the #mitas e09 so let's give it a go - particularly since I have only read good reviews. I'll do a few other maintenance items (counter shaft seal for example). Now to begin planning some adventures: #lostcoast #alaska #prudhoebay #bdr #baja4000.
  9. renaissancerider

    High Sierra 2017

    Total for me on the 690: 1095 mi. Great road back through Sherman Pass in Sequoia.
  10. renaissancerider

    XLADV Project Bike: Vee Rubber

    I just swapped my rear for a Mitas E07 so will be running the 401 up front with the 07 on the rear at ToD. I didn't get the distance I thought I might from my original rear. Too much high speed highway here in SoCal perhaps! Are riding or trailer int to ToD?
  11. renaissancerider

    3rd Annual BDR Desert Fundraiser Ride Apr 14-17, 2016

    Perfect timing. I was looking for something to do on my way to Las Vegas for the NAB. Just not sure if I will be camping or Ranching.
  12. renaissancerider

    Vee Rubber VRM-401 V-Grip Adventure Tire

    After hearing Eric describe his preliminary feelings about this tire at the GS Giants CA Rally in September, I decided to try them out on my 2014 KTM 690 Enduro. I had them mounted just in time for the RawHyde California Adventure Rally Nov 12-15th. I was coming off a set of well appreciated TKC80's (tube type) in sizes 140-80-18 (rear) and 90-90-21 (front). After about 50 miles the tires were very responsive and smooth when transitioning from straight to turns on pavement. On the highway (65-80+) the tires were a little smoother than the TKC. Above 80 I would often get a little head shake from the TKC but with the Vee, much smoother. This could be the difference in balance between the tires, but the Vee inspired greater confidence. Over the course of the weekend, the tires were subjected to sharp rocks, rounded rocks, ruts, roots, gravel, sand, packed dirt, … Everything Death Valley offers. I found that the Vee Rbber 401 hooked up better than my TKC 80s (front and rear) (although not as precise as the Pirelli Scorpion Rally - but more comfortable). I achieved greater speeds with more confidence and less pucker. I was running the tires at the same pressure I ran my TKC80s — 25psi F&R, with UHD tubes. Dynamically, performance, … a real winner. HOWEVER, I am not sure of the wear. Here are the Before and After pics, the KTM as loaded and some basic trip stats. Also, I am 5'10" and 170# in street clothes. The roads were I-5, i-14, Randsberg to RedRock, Trona, CA-190, Titus Canyon, a bunch of DV dirt, gravel and rock trails. Estimating 150 mi off-road and 570 mi pavement (many twisties). I am not sure if the tires wear fast at first to find their profile and then the wear slows? They seemed to wear faster than any tire I've ever used. Not sure and will keep an eye on them. Love the tire (achieved personal bests with it), not sure of the wear.
  13. renaissancerider

    Hi from ND

    Welcome Mike. Looking forward to meeting and riding with you. Your bike looks great. If it gets too cold this winter, think of a trip to SoCal. We're not all as "pushy" as Eric (ha!). Lots to ride here as well (as long as the gov stays out of it).
  14. renaissancerider

    The Beyond Starbucks 1000

    Can also have check points with photos / selfies as proof of passage. Iconic moto restaurant/bars/stops as cheering points.
  15. renaissancerider

    The Beyond Starbucks 1000

    GREAT IDEA. Some of the Death Valley routes - old spanish trail, Race track, Titus Canyon all fit the bill. Rowher flats, Carrizo plains, (a couple routes we did with RawHyde Alums), winding canyon paved roads, … A lot to offer in SoCal. I mapped out some easier ways to paso robles through Carrizo. XLADV Desert to Sea or SoCal Explorer… I think this will have legs. Let me know if you need anything.