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  1. Ross W

    2018 Ken Mooty Memorial/CORVA Fundraiser

    Eric, FYI when I clicked the registration link you provided above it sent me to a page that said I didn't have permission for this event. Might keep others from registering.
  2. Ross W

    XLADV Mojave National Preserve 2018

    It was great to meet and enjoy Mojave with you all. I have been to numerous XLADV events, and I always have a good time. This one was no exception, and aside from the flies couldnt have been better. I don't get many chances to get out and go off-roading, so my skills are developing slowly. My Sand skills definitely improved on this ride. I didn't take many pics either, but I am happy with some of the ones I did get. The Lava tubes was awesome to see for sure, and aside from a couple of instances, I am glad that most everyone walked away injury-free. Hope to see you all at the High Sierra ride in Sept.
  3. Thanks all. Yeah, that ride up silver canyon was my third time on dirt, and if there's one thing I learned its when to call it quits. Attempting to do something thats out of your league not only puts yourself and your bike at risk, but also risks forcing others to give up their fun in order to perform a rescue, and that aint cool. In my mind I did well, also considering my right pinky finger was fractured the entire time...did that loading the bike into the trailer on thursday morning. figures. I am in for that Oct 4 training, provided I am not predisposed. Ill check it out by tomorrow.
  4. ...and man it sure was! Hello everyone, my name is Ross, and I live in L.A. I met some of you at the High Sierra ride this past weekend. I came with Mike Thomas, and as some of you may remember, it was my first time on dirt since I was a kid. I have been riding street for 25+ years, but I had no idea what to expect from off road, especially on my F800 that Ive had for only a couple of months. I must admit I was a bit sceptical of what to expect at first, but as soon as that keg of Stone IPA got tapped, I knew I was with right group. Needless to say, i fell a few times, but I was able to get myself and my bike (mostly) home intact, and have a lot of fun in the process. Everybody I met was very welcoming and eager to share information to help me develop my skills, and it was all rounded off by the swapping of stories from all of our different walks of life around the campfire every night. I am now hooked on adventure riding, and I plan to try and get into a professional class between now and the Death Valley ride in November. Big thanks to everyone whom I rode with. Steve, Jonathan, Jim, Kenneth, Arwi & Maria to name a few. Some of the tracks I ended up on were a real challenge, and having to put aside my street riding instincts and attempt to learn a whole different style of riding which made it even more difficult, but everyoine stepped up and helped me power through it, and it was much appreciated. Thanks again for an awesome adventure, and I hope to ride with you all again soon.
  5. Ross W

    GS Giants High Sierra 2015

    Awesome video! I was wondering what the bottom of my skid plate looked like...
  6. Ross W

    Easy group #2

    Well, this was my first time on dirt since I was about 14 yrs old (I had an XR100 then) and I must say it was a challenge. Yes, my first time on real dirt. coming from 25 years of street, it was quite an eye opener. I have only had my F800 for a couple of months, but this ride definitely showed me how much I have to learn. I had my first get-off ever on this route, and the crap ass hepco-becker crash bars I had on actually bent and cracked my fairing. I also want to say thanks to the guys who were with me on this adventure. Without you all I wouldn't have made it.