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  1. brad.christian.564

    Watch "Dual Sport West Virginia Part One" on YouTube

    Some of team has greater affection for mud than others! Stoked you enjoyed it. There will be a part two in the near future. Cheers.
  2. https://youtu.be/gddpEWnYsq8
  3. brad.christian.564

    2 days in Ocala National Forest

    There are some decent stretches of dirt road that borders the deep Sandy trails. I've only ridden the southern ohv. We're planning another mission to Ocala in Dec, so I'll keep my eyes open for anything that works on bigger bikes.
  4. brad.christian.564

    2 days in Ocala National Forest

    Shot this on a recent trip to Ocala NF. KTM 690 & 350 exc. Deep sand, lots of water and HOT, but had a great time and will def go back soon to check the other OHV's. https://youtu.be/W0XZV11T62I Brad www.adventureoperationsgroup.com