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  1. Good Morning !!
  2. Here we go ...
  3. Which app is that?! [emoji12] [emoji14] [emoji13] [emoji8] [emoji33]
  4. Here's Thierry falling on his sweet HP2. Poor guy busted his left foot peg right before this which made it a lot harder. https://vimeo.com/158840259
  5. Mike and Rich clowning
  6. Even got some great shots out at the dunes.... Presented Simon Pavey with his very own tshirt and tool roll from Lost for a Reason Landon got a great seat up front next to the legend himself. Maybe we will see Landon do the Dakar one day? SAW some wild horses
  7. Met the most Amazing people.... Even got photo bombed by Mark
  8. Here are some photos I've been taking. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy being here. Got to meet Simon Pavey! We are ADVADDICT twins