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  1. NSantos

    RTW on a Victory: Grizu "Grizzly"

    We should go after and do what makes us happy! If that is his thing, which him all the luck... I'd love to do it... even in such a rush! Hope he succeed.
  2. NSantos

    Heidenau K60 Scout

    I have about 5500 miles on my first set of Heidenau K60 Scout on a 2008 R1200GSA and I'm satisfied. Sorry for my rusty English... I'm from Portugal. Overall this tires are what we can see in most of the review, good compromise between handling/grip and mileage. Need to be more careful on wet paved road and very careful on mud. Nevertheless there is one thing that really surprised me! I found my rear tire almost empty in the middle of nowhere... I always have a puncture kit and compressor with me but I didn't found any puncture and didn't managed to inflate the tire. I started thinking that it was a problem with the valve so I decided to try to reach a workshop while the tire had a little, I mean very little air. I knew a workshop about 30 miles from where I was (paved and very wet conditions), after about 10 to 15 miles at around 40/50 mph I felt the tire breaking the seal or peeling off the rim (not sure the correct term). I had tire completely empty and loose but managed to reach the workshop safely at about 20/30mph. I explained what happened and after a very close inspection of the tire we verified that he wasn't damaged. I was really impressed to find that the tire carcass managed to support the weight of the heavy bike without getting all ripped off. The tire actually lost the air due to dirt or sand that accumulated between the rim and the tire, our clue, due to off road ridding with low pressure. We carefully cleaned the rim and tire and so far I didn't have any issue after about 2 weeks. I thinks that for a adventurer and long distances rider its a huge pro.
  3. NSantos

    Big bike rally raid in Portugal

    I also heard good things about these... have to find a place to try them! Thanks
  4. NSantos

    Big bike rally raid in Portugal

    Well I'm not sure yet... I would like to combine good protection with comfort if I have to walk a bit more. I have been looking to this boots more like adventure boots: http://www.in-parts.com/loja/calcado/2007-forma-botas-terra.html http://www.in-parts.com/loja/calcado/1144-tcx-track-evo-waterproof.html http://www.in-parts.com/loja/calcado/248-forma-botas-adventure.html But I'm also considering to bye ones more robust and with better protection, like the ones used on motocross. I have to find a store close by to try them... but we don't have many stores and usually I never find my size (around 12/13 on US size)
  5. NSantos

    Big bike rally raid in Portugal

    Thanks guys... It's fun... really fun! I'm completely hooked! A new event is being prepared for last weekend of October were a few pros of endure and Dakar are expected... I'm really tempted to go but unfortunatly I think I'll have to pass! I still don't have off-road boots and suit , so maybe I need to improve my gear for off-road first... can't wait to have more!
  6. NSantos

    Hi from Portugal!

    Thanks Eric. World is becoming more and more close with the internet and technology's! It's great to be able to share experiences and seek knowledge with people that is literally in the other corner of the world. Well said Gary... it's so true! Sometimes we forgot to give time to things and live rushing and forgot to really enjoy what we have, when we have. I have to say that for my age I already have quite a journey!
  7. NSantos

    BMW R1200 GS Adventure 2008

    Amazing bike... excellent handling and confort!
  8. NSantos

    BMW R1200 GS Adventure (2008)


    Amazing bike... excellent handling and confort!
  9. NSantos

    Hi from Portugal!

    Hi guys, My name is Nelson Santos and as you may guess from the topic title, I'm from Portugal. I'm 33 years old, started riding 2 year ago on a BMW G650GS and one year later I switched to is big sister R1200GSA from 2008. I dream to have a XL Adventure... so while I don't get it, I try to go to all meetings and rides I found near by to improve my riding skills and have fun. Check my post on the Pictures and Video area about a rally ride I went last week: http://xladv.com/topic/384-big-bike-rally-raid-in-portugal/?p=2246 Wish of good adventures to all, Nelson
  10. Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this small video I put together to share my first road book rally raid with a R1200GSA in Portugal. I was lucky enough to make an almost perfect navigation through the 2 stages... so, I finished on 2nd place on the navigation rating (just behind the Portuguese ATV champion) and 4th on time/navigation rating (rating used on the Dakar). It was amazing to see a big bike ahead of a lot of more agile and dirt oriented bikes... It must have been just beginner's luck!