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  1. Sullyfam

    Some cool new Africa Twin-themed stuff coming...

  2. Sullyfam

    Horizons Unlimited Yosemite 2015

    Sweet looking graphics! Who did you use?
  3. Sullyfam

    KTM Rally - 2015

    Funny, I had the same thought![emoji12] Actually, I was a bit nervous as it was the first time I had taken the bike off-road so I was exactly sure how it would handle. I registered for the rally in January because my brother wanted me to get into adventure riding (he owns a 990), but I didn't actually have a bike. That was an awesome conversation with the wife! Anyways, the I re-worked the suspension and the rest of the mods came with the bike. I put 300 road miles on it prior to the rally. Let's just say I was happy it and I survived the weekend!
  4. Sullyfam

    KTM Rally - 2015

    Eric, it was good meeting you at the KTM Rally and despite that fact it was me picking up my bike, I'm privileged to have made the cut! Epic ride Friday and it definitely put my Vee to the test!