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    Suggestion on how to improve XLADV? Post 'er up!

    I just got approved to be a member on this site and I am already completely disatisfied with the way the site works. The current trend toward site building is to use these huge banner pictures and headers that appear on every page load. Requireing a scroll on every page load. This design is fine when sub-pages are coupled with a minimal top banner that doesn't take up half your screen but in this form it is an extreme annoyance. Before you chide me for being new and making waves, you should know that I am responsible for site selection for my business and others that I've worked for. My business is IT and I am keenly aware and in touch with my customers. You're building your brand on the existance of this site and how it works is essential to customers wanting to come back. Trust me when I say that you can do it better.