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  1. MikeT9876

    Hi from ND

    Definitely not as flat as Florida. Really pretty fun ridding for an XL bike. Just stay away from the clay mud... I tend to find the bottom of those holes head first!
  2. MikeT9876

    Hi from ND

    Ha! That would be a riot. I'm sure somebody has done it. From what I remember of dirt bikes in the winter in CO it wasn't so much the cold that was the issue, but the fact that frozen things are really hard when you hit them!
  3. MikeT9876

    Hi from ND

    Ohh. Yeah that deserves a swift kick in the nuts! I thought I had picked it up, won't happen again!
  4. MikeT9876

    Hi from ND

    Hi there, I just got back form the KTM rally in Crested Butte, CO. Definitely was a great time. A few shameless plugs for XLADV around the campfire helped me remember what I should do when I get home! I hope to have some more adventures with some of you in the future. For now, here's some nice scenery from CB this weekend.