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  1. Excellent condition, 11k miles,garage kept, 1k miles on tires, triumph bar risers, givi case, altrider kickstand footage, tail plate and radiator screen. Battery tender/charger. Asking 9k OBO. 804 381 9930 [email protected]
  2. Sweet pics, I've only got a few, ill try and post them.
  3. I saw this guy yesterday with an add on brake light for his 800 and he said he ordered it from someone on this forum, anyone know who that would be? He said it was an easy add on and it was really bright.
  4. Yup, the fenda extenda is for the front. Installed pretty easily. Works well so far, haven't done any really messy off road riding yet. Will let you know how it does. Ill check out the Triump forum, thanks.
  5. Been a while since I posted last, so here's an update. Got 2 New keys made and coded no problem. L turn signal, near as I can tell, flashes quickly at first, then steady on purpose. Maybe it's a safety thing, but at least the bulb works went on my first long ride with 6 other riders w varying bikes to a men's retreat w my church. AWESOME!!!!!!! We went to Shenandoah parkway and blue ridge parkway. It was a 6hr trip both down and back. Lots of winding roads, so cool! Ordered a fenda extenda, and radiator guard and a side stand foot from altrider. The first of many add-ons I'm sure will come. Love this bike
  6. Leach007@netzero.net

    Triumph Owner Resources

    Anyone know how to code new keys for the triumph tiger? Got new keys made but dealership says to check online or at the back of the owners manual, but no help
  7. Anyone know how to code new keys for the triumph? I got new keys made and the dealership said there something in the owners manuel, or on line. Can't find anything.
  8. Weirdest thing, it works now. Off and on, but it works. I think maybe it's the connection. There wasn't any connection grease when I took it out, so maybe it's a little loose. Going to triumph tomorrow to get a key made, ill ask them then. So on a different note, went for an awesome ride today since the weather finally broke. Took a nice 3 1/2 hrs ride down to Jamestown near the James river, via some awesome winding roads. Along the way I hit a .........wait for it...............Turkey!!!! That's right, a freakin Turkey, and it was huge! I saw it on the side of the road coming around a turn, probably scared it. It started taking off, and I'm like "Noooo, don't doit you stupid bird!" All I could do was stuck my head and shrug my shoulders and wait for the impact. It hit my r shoulder on its chest and belly. Solid bird I wobbled a little and kept going. Both of us happy that was all that happened. I was thanking the Lord many times after that little encounter. A Turkey, really!? Anyone else hit some kind of animal on their bike?
  9. Fortunately it was just my bulb that went out, and not the whole turn signal falling off Still, its hard to find a bulb. The triumph dealership is ordering some so I can get them there. I'm still thinking about upgrading to LED's though. Weather finally cleared so going for a ride today. I've got a vivitar go pro I'm gonna try and figure out how to work, then maybe I can post some videos as well as pics. Got it from work after 6 years of service. Not sure how good it is, but free is always good
  10. Ill send some pics as soon as the weather clears I'd love to send the rain too, this is getting old. I plan on making a road trip to Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee. Bout an 8hr trip. Also gonna take a ride down to various beach to see my brother and do some riding along the coast w him. Ill get some good pics for you guys.
  11. Leach007@netzero.net

    LAB2V Ride Report

    What an amazing story, and adventure. Makes me want to at least try something like that, if only to say I did and to share in the.....camraderie? Not sure if that's right, but to be with all the other riders attempting the same adventure. It's awesome!
  12. Leach007@netzero.net

    Triumph Tiger 800 XCx (2015)

    Awesome pics. I hope to have some good shot like that some day. I love the shot with you, the bike and the tent and nothing but a mountain range in the background.
  13. Hey everyone, im new to the adventure riding group. Just got a Triumph Tiger 800 cx and im ready to do some on road/off road trips. I've been maping out routes already. Already had my first issue with the electrical system. My front turn signal light went out and it's almost impossible to get a replacement. I've been looking at getting the LED lights to replace it with. Lots of forums out there for this. Other than that, been riding just a little, because a soon as I got the bike the weather has been ridiculous. Crazy downpours nonstop. Oh well, I'll get out there one way or another. If anyone has any good trails to ride, or if they are going for a ride, i'm in virginia, so just give me a holler. I'll post some pics soon of my new, first ever, bike