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  1. Nortwestrider

    Hello from Seattle..

    It sure has !! It has protested many times but at the end of the day it always got me home/back to camp !!.
  2. Nortwestrider

    The NC700x thread ..

    I built the trailer last year for the TouraTech rally.It worked AMAZING !!
  3. Nortwestrider

    Hello from Seattle..

    ALTrider had mine for about 3 weeks to mock up skid plates and crash bars.They loaned me there 12gs LC for that time !!. Now they have backed out of producing products for the NC !!.
  4. Nortwestrider

    Hello from Seattle..

    I'm one of oddballs that thinks a NC700x is a ADV bike.
  5. Nortwestrider

    The NC700x thread ..

    I can't be the only one that uses his/her NC for ADV riding !!. I have put almost 30,000 miles on mine in 2.5 years.6,000 of that was a trip to Alaska that included a run up the Dalton.Another 1,000 miles was doing the WABDR and back and the rest has been commuting and and weekend trips.I have done the Touratech rally 2 years and a 2,500 mile trip down the coast to SF and back.I don't think Honda intended this bike to do what I have done.But as the old saying go's " if it looks like a duck " !!!.
  6. Nortwestrider

    Hello from Seattle..

    Hey all,Alan here from Seattle WA. I have been riding for almost 50 years,off-road and on.