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  1. Blur

    Rox Speed FX Pivoting Handlebar Risers

    Excellent build quality. Nice to be able to customize bar placement (via two pivot points). Slight downside - installation is tedious and, if not done properly, can result in loose or twisted bars.
    If you prefer form over functionality, these are the guards for you! While riding last September, a rock hit my right radiator. The rock bent the guard to the point where the guard was rubbing the radiator. Over the next couple of days of riding, the bent guard rubbed a hole in the radiator. so, not only did it bend when hit by a rock, it actually created more damage. Disclaimer: Harald and Ramona Schwarz are incredible people - very nice, family-oriented. I detest making disparaging remarks about Touratech products but it's a real-world application testimony....
  2. Blur

    Jesse Luggage Panniers

    I bought a KTM 990 a few years ago that had them installed. Personally, I think they're great bags. They're tough, well made, easy to install. The only downside I can think of is the shape makes them a bit tougher for packing.... but the shape looks nice while installed on the bike. Previous usage includes: BMW plastic cases, BMW 'Adventure' cases, BMW Vario, Happy Trail boxes.
  3. Blur

    Oxidizing Paralever Arm